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Abandoned Hospital is a DLC stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from the game Super Meat Boy, made by Team Meat.

Stage Origin

Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer. The Hospital is the second world in the game, and the Abandoned Hospital stage takes place in the same location as C.H.A.D.'s boss fight at the end of that chapter, featuring an identical layout to the first floor of the boss arena.[1]



Abandoned Hospital features two solid platforms extending from the left and right walls in the lower corners of the stage, a short solid platform suspended high up on the left side, and a long platform in the center of the stage with a tall column dividing it.


A river of blood runs along the bottom of the stage. If a fighter falls in, they will start slowly sinking but can escape by repeatedly pressing the jump button. However, if a fighter stays in the blood for more than a few seconds, C.H.A.D. will leap out from below them and instantly kill any fighter he touches before sinking back into the blood.


This stage was announced on 24th December, 2020 on the Lowe Bros. Twitter account, following the announcement of Meat Boy and the Nintendo Switch port.[2]

"With Meat Boy, also comes the Abandoned Hospital stage! Watch our social media for more details in 2021!" ― Trevor Lowe

It was released as part of Patch on 22nd October, 2021.



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