Bart is a character owned by GUTS Department and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. He comes from the game Aegis Defenders.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"Traveling with a party of Ruinhunters, his granddaughter Clu among them, Bart's mission is to recover lost technology and salvage it for a price. His knack for engineering allows him to restore tech found in disrepair and build turrets to seige monsters." ― Bart's Trophy Description.

Character Origin Edit

Bart is an old, male, human explorer who looks for ancient ruins and sells relics and items he finds on his travels for money. He comes from the game Aegis Defenders where the player goes through 2D platformer sections before arriving at a ruin which they must protect from oncoming waves of enemies by constructing stationary weapons and defensive blocks.

Scrapped content Edit

At some point in development, Bart was actually a playable character, as he appears in the "How to play...Indie Pogo" trailer.[2] However, due to a combination of his game not being done at the time of the Kickstarter, and his game changing greatly in development, he was demoted to the cameo pool.[3]

While Bart didn't get far in development, a few moves for him where planned. His grounded charge would place a turret that would fire at foes, and his up aerial would have him spin on his side to rise.[4]

There is reportedly still code that still references Bart in Indie Pogo. However, this is leftover code from the time he was playable. While Bart could make a comeback someday, he is not currently a planned DLC fighter.

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  • Since Bart still has sprites from when he was playable, they are used in the Crowd animation, where Trophies jump from the bottom of the screen after a character cashes a Pogo Combo of 3 or higher.

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