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The Battle of the Leap Lords was the second Indie Pogo tournament, and the first of an ongoing series, hosted on August 25th, 2018.


This tournament was the second tournament in the history of Indie Pogo, hosted by Munkee Haruka and Trevor Lowe. The commentators were Munkee Haruka, YopAlonso, Mustache, and Trevor Lowe. It was livestreamed on Mustache's Twitch channel.


¿Query?, Windchilled, lowebros, MunkeeHaruka, etehwierdokid, boatman_, BML42, DD, Ocanha_Brazil, Green_Heart, EtherealFool, mccgavin, SirJameside, AceEliteMaster, Indarea, Scooter29, Dead Line, Mustache9, Bandana_Blue, VixyNyan, OrderUp, luckyloomagu, Saxdude26, Slenderman2203, Frankie Somnium, Ceeel, ToonTepig, Anim8mylife, Megaphantaze, TheGameZpro3, Noice, bingobingo123, NBlast, lovely_Ribeiro, fss124, Chaoko, MouthWideOpen, Toasted, and Drazglb

Top 8

These were the top 8 highest-placing players of the tournament. Congratulations!

1st: ¿Query? - Fishy, Teslakid, Viridian

2nd: Vvvvvvöłta - Viridian

3rd: Ocanha - Lilac

4th: boatman - CommanderVideo

5th: Munkee Haruka - Blockman, Orcane

5th: OrderUp - Velocispider, Stardrop

7th: lowebros (Trevor Lowe) - Blockman, Orcane, Teslakid, Stardrop, Jack

7th: Drazglb - Fishy

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Challonge page of the tournament

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