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Block World is a starter stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from The Blocks Cometh, made by Halfbot.[1]

Stage Origin

Developed by Halfbot, The Blocks Cometh is a indie game about dodging and climbing an endless series of falling blocks.

Like in the source game, rockets and ships can be seen flying throughout the city in the background. The stage takes inspiration from The Blocks Cometh's trailer.[2]


Icon Layout Description
Block World.jpg
The default layout, featuring a higher ledge on the left side and blocks falling on the right. Turning hazards off pre-loads a stack of blocks on the right side.
Features a capped pit on the left hand side, with a high ledge on the right for blocks to drop. Designed by Discord user Reshivan.
Like A Minigame.jpg
An adaptation of the Blocks Cometh map for battle viability (rather than timed survival). Blocks fall randomly throughout the entire enclosed space. It was heavily requested, especially by Discord user Reshivan.
The stage is separated into three segments, in a Battlefield-like design, with pits between each section acting as dropping points for the blocks. Designed by Discord user Hebleh.
Layout similar to Battlefield from the Super Smash Bros. series. It contains one stage in the middle, and three platforms floating above it, with the middle platform being higher than the other two. Variant 5 can also be seen in Infinite Pogo, and is the only variant which does not feature falling blocks on any setting.


Block World has a lengthy base platform along with a platform above it on the left side. The platforms go past the side blast zones, making it a walk off stage.


Every so often a block of any size will fall on the right side of the stage that you can jump on. If a block hits you while falling, it will deal 8 damage. The block will quickly form a pile of blocks where the fighters can jump on.



  • Block World was the only stage to have a "walk-off" blast zone until Patch, after which it was blocked off.
  • As of Patch, Block World shares the title along with Dragon Valley as the only stages to feature two music tracks, and the first to release the 2nd tracks alongside the addition of stage variants ("Attack of the Blocks" [3])
    • "A New Block"[4] was available at release, but only played in a side mode of the source game (GameBot Levels)
  • Block World is currently the only stage to have two variants owned by the same person, being owned by Discord user Reshivan.


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