Blockman is a character owned by Halfbot and is one of the 5 characters unlocked from the start. He comes from a Flash/mobile game called The Blocks Cometh.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"The world is being is not the time to lounge around and sip margaritas! As the world crumbles around him, Blockman and various video game friends must run, jump, shoot and climb a seemingly never-ending deluge of falling blocks in order to survive." ― Blockman's Trophy Description
"Nobody knows where these blocks are coming from. In Indie Pogo, Blockman is able to use them as weapons. While they may seem random, they are actually created in a pattern: Small, wide, large, tall, repeat." ― Falling Blocks' Trophy Description

Character Origin Edit

Blockman is the starting character in The Blocks Cometh. His only moves in this game are jumping, wall jumping, air jumping and shooting to destroy blocks. He is a fairly simple character, aiming to be a parody of famous 80-era videogames character, like Mega Man.

Summary Edit

01- Blockman – Indie Pogo

01- Blockman – Indie Pogo

Blockman is an all-around, projectile-heavy character. He is a great choice for beginners, as his moveset is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. While he suffers from reliable upward coverage, Blockman excels at applying horizontal pressure and walling opponents off with his blocks.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Dual Wieldeth : Blockman shoots horizontally with two guns, dealing 5 damage. This attack has high knockback, and therefore good KO potential.

Up Aerial | Block Dropeth : Blockman launches in the air and summons a Block. The Block will act as a platform and can be destroyed by other characters. The Block in itself does 8 damage when falling onto an opponent, and 5 damage after being kicked. During the initial fall, the blocks can spike opponents downward, but not after being kicked. The summoning cycles through 4 different Block types : Small, Horizontal, Large, and Vertical. When a block is already on the stage, Blockman will fart and deal 5 damage, spiking the opponent. With the Block, the move has good recovery but is terrible without Block.

Down Aerial | Piledriver : Blockman performs a fiery vertical drop kick. Depending on how high he stomps from, this move will deal between 4 and 12 damage (4 being right above the opponent's head, and 12 being from extremely high up). This attack's main purpose, however, is to bounce the blocks that Blockman creates with his up aerial. Landing on a block will cause that block to be launched in an arc based on the height of the stomp and where on the block the stomp connects. For instance, stomping the left side of the block from right above it will send it a short distance to the right, while stomping the right side of the block from very high up will send it very far to the left.

Grounded Charge | Uppercut : Blockman charges his jump and then jumps vertically, dealing a minimum of 5 damage and a maximum of 9 damage. The move has the priority over Pogo attacks when ascending but is vulnerable at the height of the jump.

SUPER | Blocks Raineth : Blockman summons a wide array of Blocks above him. The Blocks deal 8 damage, and the move can hit opponents multiple times if connected correctly. This move is best used in 3 or 4 players match as it can cover a lot of space.

Alternate Skins Edit


Blue Edit

Based on the appearance of Blockman in The Blocks Cometh (Base Skin).

Purple Edit

Based on the color palette of the purple blocks from The Blocks Cometh.

Green Edit

Could be based on the appearance of Mr. Destructoid, another playable character from The Blocks Cometh, but mainly seems to reference the color palette of the green blocks from the same game.

White Edit

Could be based on the appearance of The Leaped, another character from The Blocks Cometh.

Golden (Kickstarter-Exclusive Skin) Edit

A special, Kickstarter-exclusive skin for Blockman. Adds shiny particles and golden blocks. Released July 23th, 2018 to all backers who pledged high enough.

Strategies Edit

"Blockman is a highly defensive character, excelling at controlling space using his largely projectile-based arsenal. While you are going to want to play the spacing game as often as you can, Blockman is also more than capable of outputting devastating combos when given the opportunity. Blockman's best combo starter is rollkick. Rollkick can true combo into various attacks, such as neutral air at most damage levels, or even a block drop at low damage. On stages like INK and Retro Zone, neutral air can combo into itself by bouncing the opponent off the walls, potentially causing lots of damage and/or leading to a KO. In Tourney Rules mode, you should almost always ban Space Junction. The large amount of space makes it hard for Blockman to control it, and the stage's vertical layout makes it easy for opponents to get above Blockman, which is where he suffers the most. Blockman has the potential to do well on every other stage, so your other stage ban should be based on who your opponent is using. In my experience, Blockman's absolute best stages are Retro Zone and Sovereign Deck. Retro Zone has walls to combo with neutral air, higher terrain to get height advantage, a small space for Blockman to control, and pits to spike your opponent into. It's basically the penultimate Blockman stage. As for Sovereign Deck, it may seem huge, but its general flatness makes it easy for Blockman to maintain an advantage. The wall on the right side adds to this, just be mindful that certain characters may be able to camp the higher platform. Overall, playing Blockman is a matter of using your space to your advantage and getting massive damage in when you can." ― Munkee Haruka
Additionally, here are some tips on each specific matchup by Dead Line, another Blockman player.

  • Blockman -  In the Blockman ditto, it’s important to stand your ground and create the most pressure. Conserve your air dodges and don’t leave yourself open to incoming boxes. Also make sure to keep an eye on the enemy Blockman’s NAir bullets if he starts to get aggressive against you, and try to dodge them to counter with your own NAir. In the end, it all comes down to which player can be the most efficient with Blockman’s abilities.
  • Commander Video -  Commander Video can be surprisingly effective against Blockman if you’re not careful. Naturally, they’ll try to create space using their DAir target. Your best bet is to try and snipe CV out of the air with a box if this becomes a habit. If CV tries to pressure you with his NAir, you can easily beat it out with your NAir bullets if you’re level with him and have good enough reaction time. If CV manages to use his super, you might be able to get a free punish by setting up a block and launching it towards the center of his super right as it’s about to end. This can potentially end the stock if he’s using it above a bottomless pit.
  • Fishy: While he may be slow and have a decently sized hitbox, you do NOT want to sleep on Fishy. Keep your distance from him with NAir bullets if he ever starts to get close to you. Good Fishy players will take full advantage of their glass cannon to move around the stage and create pressure. Make sure to plan your dodges and try and shut him down by launching boxes towards him after he uses his cannon, otherwise, you’re sure to get bopped by his insane damage output.
  • Jack: [DATA TBA]
  • Lilac: Lilac is a pretty even matchup, but she can easily become a pain if you let her close in on you. Try your best to stay above her as much as possible so you can avoid Cyclones and shut down her UAirs with boxes or your own DAir.
  • Orcane: Orcane shouldn’t be too much of an issue for Blockman. Just make sure to space yourself so you don’t get bopped by his NAir, and watch for puddles. You can potentially mind game an Orcane by baiting them to teleport to their puddle, and punishing them by dropping a box over it.
  • Penelope: Penelope’s mobility makes her a pretty tough matchup for Blockman, so you’re going to want to play super aggressive and make sure not to let her above you, as her DAir-to-UAir combo can chip your health down very quickly. Be mindful of your air dodges when she tries to launch her mines at you. Don’t let her recover too much health. If you catch her using her UAir, try to punish her with a NAir or a box when she teleports.
  • Shovel Knight: Shovel Knight is fairly slow and has a huge hitbox, so it should be a pretty easy matchup for Blockman. You can get some easy chip damage in by hitting him with NAirs when he has his fishing lure out. Just hop close to him over the lure, see if you can bait him to pull out, and blast him. Be mindful when launching boxes, as he CAN deflect them with his shovel, although they’ll still only damage him. Also, Blockman has no horizontal mobility outside of air-dodging, so try not to get caught below him when he uses his shovel drop.
  • Stardrop: Stardrop is an absolute pain for Blockman. Small hitbox, high mobility, massive damage if you're not careful. Stardrop excels at playing evasively with his amazing mobility, as well as maintaining a huge aerial presence, both of which are things that Blockman is very bad at fighting. Do anything you can to maintain the high ground of a stage, try and predict where Stardrop will fly when he uses his UAir, and drop a box to keep him grounded. Other than that, this matchup is very not in Blockman’s favor.
  • Teslakid: Teslakid’s main objective is going to be to hit you with a magnet attack as early as possible to get value out of his NAir. Playing defensively is the key to this matchup. You’re going to want to punish Teslakid when he tries to land a punch on you. Try to read where he’s going to end up to drop a block on him. Weave away from his DAir if he keeps it held, and try to get on his level to NAir him out of it if possible. Be mindful of his grounded charge projectiles, and you should be fine.
  • Velocispider: Because Velocispider is so vertically-focused, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time taking one down. Shut him down with boxes from above, NAir him to keep him from closing in on you with a NAir of his own, and be ready to airdodge and punish a DAir if he gets the drop on you. Always stay to the side of him, as horizontal presence is his weakness.
  • Viridian: Viridian’s aerial mobility can make it tough to land any boxes on him, but all you need to worry about is not getting caught by his sweeping NAir. If he tries to swoop in on you often, try and punish it by kicking a block towards him. You can also NAir him out of it if you’re parallel to him. Make sure to stay above ground if Viridian has a super charged so you don't get popped by the spike into a bottomless pit.
  • Welltaro: Unlike Velocispider, who is focused on upward coverage, Welltaro is focused on downward coverage, which is where Blockman’s weakness shows. You’re likely not gonna be able to land many boxes on him in the air as long as you keep him from resetting his ammo. Like Velocispider, however, horizontal presence is also a weakness Welltaro has. Bait him into consuming his ammo in the air as quick as possible, and try to NAir him as he comes in for landing. Don’t let him pogo you for the ammo reset. If he has his Balloon out, space him out with NAir until you either hit him, or pop it.
  • Zorbie: [DATA TBA]

Update HistoryEdit


  • Bugfix Blockman death crash fixed.


  • Nerf Kicked Block damage reduced from 8 to 5.
  • Nerf Kicked Blocks no longer spike downward.


  • Buff SUPER Block damage increased from 5 to 8.
  • Nerf SUPER Blocks no longer hit super armor multiple times.

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Trivia Edit

  • It is the second time that Blockman is a starting character, as he was one in The Blocks Cometh.
  • Blockman was used as a placeholder sprite during the beta.
  • The walking animation was tested on Blockman, but was eventually scrapped due to making the game lose its identity.
  • Blockman was the first character added to the game.[2]
  • Blockman is the very first character to have their Kickstarter Skin revealed. Golden Blockman was shown off during the Indie Pogo Launch Stream on July 10, 2018, in which he sparkles, and has golden blocks.

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