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Blockman is a character owned by Halfbot and is one of the 6 characters unlocked from the start. He comes from a Flash/mobile game called The Blocks Cometh.[1]

Character Origin

Blockman is the starting character in The Blocks Cometh. His only moves in this game are jumping, wall jumping, air jumping and shooting to destroy blocks. He is a fairly simple character, aiming to be a parody of famous 80-era videogames character, like Mega Man.

Trophy Quote

"The world is being is not the time to lounge around and sip margaritas! As the world crumbles around him, Blockman and various video game friends must run, jump, shoot and climb a seemingly never-ending deluge of falling blocks in order to survive." ― Blockman's Trophy Description

"Nobody knows where these blocks are coming from. In Indie Pogo, Blockman is able to use them as weapons. While they may seem random, they are actually created in a pattern: Small, wide, large, tall, repeat." ― Falling Blocks' Trophy Description



01- Blockman – Indie Pogo

Blockman is an all-around, projectile-heavy character. He is a great choice for beginners, as his moveset is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. While he suffers from reliable upward coverage, Blockman excels at applying horizontal pressure and walling opponents off with his blocks.


Side Melee : Blockman fires 2 shots from his blasters to the left and right of him. Deals 5 damage.

Up Melee : Blockman performs a swift headbutt upwards. Deals 6 damage.

Down Melee : Blockman peforms a series of rapid downward kicks, hitting up to 6 times. Each hit deals 1 damage.

Neutral Special | Tetro Twist : A command grab that has Blockman spawns two cursors beside him. When the button is released, the cursors switch sides, and anyone caught in one of them will be trapped and sent into knockback in the opposite direction they came from. This attack can also interact with objects such as Penelope's Vampire Mines. This move deals 3 damage on release, and up to 5 extra damage if the opponent is sent into terrain.

Side Special | Agent Combo : Blockman dashes forward with a hard punch. Using this move consecutively allows Blockman to perform a second punch, followed by a finishing kick. Each hit deals 4 damage.

Up Special | Block Dropeth : Blockman summons a falling Block, gaining a bit of height. The Block deals 7 damage and spikes when falling onto an opponent. When kicked, Blocks deal 5 damage with horizontal knockback. The summoning cycles through 4 different Block types : Small, Horizontal, Large, and Vertical. If this move is used while a block is already on the stage, Blockman will fart and deal 5 damage, spiking anyone it hits.

Down Special | Piledriver : Blockman performs a fiery downwards drop kick. This move deals 4-12 damage depending on height. Landing on a block will launch it in an arc depending on which side of the block Blockman hits. Hitting the left side of the block will launch it to the right, and vice versa. Hitting the block directly down the center launches it straight upwards.

Grounded Charge | Double Uppercut : Blockman charges his jump and then jumps upwards, dealing a minimum of 5 damage and a maximum of 9 damage. This move has priority over Pogo attacks, and can be angled to the left or right, travelling in an arc.

SUPER | Blocks Raineth : Blockman summons a wide array of Blocks above him. The Blocks deal 7 damage, and the move can hit opponents multiple times if connected correctly. This move is best used in 3 or 4 players match as it can cover a lot of space.

Alternate Skins

01-skins .png
Skin Name Description
Blue Based on the appearance of Blockman in The Blocks Cometh (Base Skin)
Purple Based on the color palette of the purple blocks from The Blocks Cometh.
Green Could be based on the appearance of Mr. Destructoid, another character from The Blocks Cometh.
White Could be based on the appearance of The Leaped, another character from The Blocks Cometh.
Red Based on the color palette of the red blocks from The Blocks Cometh.
Golden (Kickstarter Skin) Golden Blockman is a "Supreme Skin" exclusive to Kickstarter backers. It was requested by error_72, adds shiny particles and changes all block colors to gold.[2]
Birthday (Additional Costume) Birthday Blockman is a "Supreme Skin" added for Patch It was requested by Munkee_Haruka, turning Blockman pink and all of his blocks into presents.

Competitive Play


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Jack Of All Trades: Has a well rounded kit that lets Blockman apply sideways and/or downwards pressure.
  • Blocks: Great tools for controlling the stage, and incredible edgeguarding tools when used off-stage.
  • Good Mobility Options: Blockman can move pretty fast around the stage with Melees carrying momentum, Side Special, Up Special and Grounded Charge.
  • Tetro Twist: A situational, but kinda good combo breaker that also interacts with Blocks.
  • Recovery: Leaves him very vulnerable to off-stage pressure.
  • Upwards Coverage: Only has up melee and super to defend against upwards approaches.

Techs and Strategies

"Blockman is a highly defensive character, excelling at controlling space using his largely projectile-based arsenal. While you are going to want to play the spacing game as often as you can, Blockman is also more than capable of outputting devastating combos when given the opportunity. Blockman's best combo starter is rollkick. Rollkick can true combo into various attacks, such as neutral air at most damage levels, or even a block drop at low damage. On stages like INK and Retro Zone, neutral air can combo into itself by bouncing the opponent off the walls, potentially causing lots of damage and/or leading to a KO. In Tourney Rules mode, you should almost always ban Space Junction. The large amount of space makes it hard for Blockman to control it, and the stage's vertical layout makes it easy for opponents to get above Blockman, which is where he suffers the most. Blockman has the potential to do well on every other stage, so your other stage ban should be based on who your opponent is using. In my experience, Blockman's absolute best stages are Retro Zone and Sovereign Deck. Retro Zone has walls to combo with neutral air, higher terrain to get height advantage, a small space for Blockman to control, and pits to spike your opponent into. It's basically the penultimate Blockman stage. As for Sovereign Deck, it may seem huge, but its general flatness makes it easy for Blockman to maintain an advantage. The wall on the right side adds to this, just be mindful that certain characters may be able to camp the higher platform. Overall, playing Blockman is a matter of using your space to your advantage and getting massive damage in when you can." ― Munkee Haruka

Update History


  • Bugfix.png Blockman death crash fixed.


  • Nerf.png Kicked Block damage reduced from 8 to 5.
  • Nerf.png Kicked Blocks no longer spike downward.


  • Buff.png SUPER Block damage increased from 5 to 8.
  • Nerf.png SUPER Blocks no longer hit super armor multiple times.


  • Side Melee
    • Change Rework.png Blockman's old Neutral Special has been moved to his Side Melee.
    • Buff.png Can now be used multiple times in mid-air.
    • Nerf.png Startup slightly increased.
  • Grounded Charge | Double Uppercut
    • Buff.png Blockman can now angle this move to the left or right to travel in an arc.
  • Neutral Special | Tetro Twist
    • New.png A command grab that has Blockman spawn two cursors beside him. When the button is released, the cursors switch sides, and anyone caught in one of them will be trapped and sent into knockback in the opposite direction they came from. This attack can also interact with objects such as his blocks and Zorbie's axe.
  • Side Special | Agent Combo
    • New.png Blockman dashes forward with a hard punch. Using this move consecutively allows Blockman to perform a second punch, followed by a finishing kick.
  • Up Special | Block Dropeth
    • Nerf.png Falling block damage reduced from 8 to 7.


  • Up Melee
    • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 6 to 5.
    • Nerf.png Startup slightly increased.
  • Grounded Charge | Double Uppercut
    • Change Rework.png Changed the hitbox shape from a rectangle to an ellipse.
    • Nerf.png Lowered minimum damage from 5 to 4.
  • Neutral Special | Tetro Twist
    • Buff.png Blockman can now interact with his own blocks, as well as Crow's bombs, CV's Beat, and Diogenes' Hammer Throw.
    • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that caused grabbed players/projectiles to stay in place if this move was interrupted.
  • Down Special | Piledriver
    • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that prevented Blockman from kicking blocks if this move was used too high up.


  • Melee Attacks
    • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that allowed Blockman to hold onto his melees when touching ground.


  • Melee Attacks
    • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that prevented Blockman from using this move.


  • Blockman makes a lot of references to his game of origin, The Blocks Cometh.
    • He sips margarita in a chair in his entrance animation, just like in the game's trailer.
    • His Side Melee involves his blaster, that he can also use in the game.
    • His Neutral Special, Tetro Twist, is a reference to puzzle games, and the fact that The Blocks Cometh is similar to a puzzle game in appearance.
    • His Side Special, Agent Combo, is a reference to the Agent, who also appears in the game.
    • His Up Special, Block Dropeth, makes use of blocks, which are a key element of The Blocks Cometh.
    • He explodes in giblets in his death animation, which is how he also dies when crushed by a block.
  • It is the second time that Blockman is a starting character, as he was one in The Blocks Cometh.
  • Blockman was used as a placeholder sprite during the beta.
  • The walking animation was tested on Blockman, but was eventually scrapped due to making the game lose its identity.
  • Blockman was the first character added to the game.[3]
  • Blockman is the very first character to have their Kickstarter Skin revealed. Golden Blockman was shown off during the Indie Pogo Launch Stream on July 10, 2018, in which he sparkles, and has golden blocks. The skin was made available to those who pledged high enough on July 23rd, 2018.[4]



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