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Bouncy Castle is an unlockable stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from the game Shütshimi, made by Neon Deity Games.[1]

Stage Origin

Shütshimi is a randomized shoot'em up about Fishy defending the seven seas. During their playthrough, the player will likely stumble upon an item looking like a beach ball. Buying that item will transform the next round in a bouncy session taking place in this underwater castle.



Bouncy Castle takes place underwater in a bouncy castle. The stage is completely flat, with two walls going all the way to the top blast zone. It offers a neutral experience when the hazards are off.


The floor of the stage will constantly bounce you around, as well as moves such as Blockman's Up Aerial. This bouncing prevents characters from using their charged attacks or parkour unless hazards are turned off. The bouncing also reduces the duration of characters' jumpsquat.



  • Since Quick Rolling will always allow the player to parkour on the ground no matter what, it is possible to roll on the floor when hazards are on, with precise timing.

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