Canabalt Skyline is an upcoming unlockable stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from the game Canabalt, made by Adam Saltsman.

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Canabalt is an endless runner in which the player must guide a businessman on a daring escape through a post-apocalyptic city.

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Layout Edit

Canabalt Skyline takes place on top of a huge skyscraper in a monochrome city. Above the skyscraper is a long crane platform that extends across the middle length of the stage. The crane is holding a smaller suspended platform that dips to the right of the skyscraper. The stage's blast zones are very far out, making it great for free-for-all battles. In the background, the remains of the city can be seen, along with two giant machines wreaking havoc wherever they walk.

Hazards Edit

Over time, ships from Canabalt can be seen zooming across the stage. If hit by one, the victim will take 10 damage and high knockback.

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