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Chris Atkins is a member of Lowe Bros. Studios and the programmer of Indie Pogo.


Chris graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University Of Michigan in 2013, and continued to work there afterwards for their Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). While he was there, he worked on research projects for driving simulators and self-driving cars.

Chris was recruited by Trevor Lowe in 2014 through Twitter, where they connected using the at-the-time trending hashtag #indieteamup. At that time Trevor had made a prototype for Indie Pogo, but Chris restarted the project from scratch and made it "a million time betters". Chris was still working for the UMTRI when he began part-time work on Indie Pogo, but in 2016 he moved to Wisconsin and became a full-time developer.


  • Chris is a fighting game enthusiast.
  • Chris' sprite is present in the Option menu, but is never named. He is seen working on a computer.