CommanderVideo is a character owned by Choice Provisions and is an unlockable fighter. He appears in the BIT.TRIP games, most notably the Runner series.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"The always imperturbable CommanderVideo is known far and wide for his rhythmic athleticism. His interdimensional exploits in chase of the maniacal Timbletot have brought him to many a strange land. He is often seen with a rainbow trailing behind him." ― CommanderVideo's Trophy Description
"Everything comes from something. We were before we became. From life comes rhythm, and from rhythm comes life. We communicate in bits and bytes. And we will return to being something once we become nothing. After our BIT.TRIP is complete." ― Retro CommanderVideo's Trophy Description

Character Origin Edit

CommanderVideo is a character with complex backstory. He is the character with the most games to join Indie Pogo, with 8 games in total. In the Runner games, CommanderVideo will gain a multicolor trail by reaching Extra mode. In Indie Pogo, he will gain this trail, as well as some damage buff, by doing a Pogo combo of 3 or more.

Summary Edit

08- Commander Video – Indie Pogo

08- Commander Video – Indie Pogo

CommanderVideo is an average character. He is an unlockable fighter, which means that he is more complex than the starting roster. His unique trait is that he can do a 3 Pogo combo or higher to gain a buff on all his moves until he gets hit. Additionally, holding up spawns an orange bar for as long as the player holds it, and the orange bar can also deflect any projectile.

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Flying Kick : CommanderVideo halts his vertical momentum and kicks in a straight line dealing 6 damage. This move can be aimed left or right. In Extra mode, this move deals 7 damage. It also extends the reach of the ability.

Up Aerial | Beat Paddle: CommanderVideo reflects a green Beat. The green Beat deals 5 damage and travels upward. In Extra mode, this move deals 7 damage.

Down Aerial | Spring Flipkick : CommanderVideo summons a trampoline from the floor directly below CommanderVideo. This doesn't deal damage, but it pushes knocked down enemies back up, where they can be pogo'd again to raise stacks for Rainbow Trail. If CommanderVideo jumps on the trampoline, he will spin around, dealing 6 damage when hitting an enemy. This move can be used to recover. In Extra mode, this move deals 7 damage.

Grounded Charge | Slide Strike: CommanderVideo slides on the floor and deals 7 damage. This move can be aimed left or right. In Extra mode, this move deals 8 damage.

SUPER | Void : CommanderVideo goes back to his former Void form and becomes enormous, dealing 10 damage and very high knockback to the opponents.

Alternate Skins Edit

Besides the base skin, every CommanderVideo alternate skins are colored like his rainbow trail : Yellow, Orange, Cyan, Pink and Purple.

Black Edit

Based off CommanderVideo‘s Runner2 redesign. (Base Skin)

Yellow Edit

Based off of Pitazo’s color palette.

Orange Edit

Based off of Reverse Merman’s color palette.

Cyan Edit

Based off of CaptainVideo’s color palette.

Pink Edit

Could be based off of CommanderVideo’s Mac Daddy skin from Runner2, but is more likely to be based off CommandGirlVideo’s color palette

Purple Edit

Could be based off of the Super Saver skin that CaptainVideo has in Runner2.

Competitive Play Edit

Attributes Edit

Strenghts Weaknesses
  • He has an amazing dair
  • He can knock opponents easily
  • A SUPER that kills most of the time
  • He's big, meaning he can be combo food
  • Dair is super predictable 
  • No Consistant Damage Output
  • He needs a wall for a decent combo

Techs and Strategies Edit

"The real strat is that you should use the down air to gain constant 1 pogos at minimum so you can use the super to launch off the blast zone"
"You can use Video's downward attack to launch the enemy into his feet repeatedly and repeatedly for a long combo. However, if you touch the trampoline yourself, you'll be inable to continue the combo, as A- the flipkick likely will launch your foe away from you, and B- youll need to land on something before you can use the downward attack once more." ― MouthWideOpen

Matchup Charts Edit

CommanderVideo's matchup charts are dependant on the player's playstyle.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • CommanderVideo was the 8th character added in the game.[2]
  • Just like in the Runner saga, the deflector appears by holding a direction on the control stick.
    • The deflector is a reference to the BIT.TRIP BEAT and BIT.TRIP FLUX games, as it resembles the paddle used in both. This deflector was already referenced that way in BIT.TRIP Runner.
  • His super is a reference to the game BIT.TRIP VOID.
  • CommanderVideo's dodge is actually a dance move from Runner2.
  • CommanderVideo is the only character to appear in both Indie Pogo and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, in the form of a trophy in the latter.[3]
  • CommanderVideo was implemented into the game March of 2017.
  • CommanderVideo is the oldest Indie character in Indie Pogo, making his debut on April 28, 2009.

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