Since launch, Indie Pogo has had a rich competitive history. The discovery of new techniques and character strategies have kept the scene alive, where routine tournaments help players test their skills against one another.

Advanced Techniques[edit | edit source]

Quick Jump[edit | edit source]

A Quick Jump, or Squat-cancelling, is performed when landing on the ground. Inputting jump during the Jumpsquat animation will cancel the Jumpsquat, allowing characters to jump faster. This technique doesn't consume the air jump. This technique is helpful for characters with long Jumpsquat animation, such as Fishy. Quick Jump is universal and works with every character.

Quick Jumping was thought to be discovered by players, but Trevor Lowe talked about it prior to this "discovery". This technique is also taught by the Shopkeeper.

Teching[edit | edit source]

After taking a hit and being in knockback or tumbling animation, instead of falling flat on the ground, the parkour button can be pressed right before hitting the ground to instantly get in standing position and recovering from a fall. As of, Teching now gives about half a second of Invincibility frames, and also allows you to quickroll out of the squat. However, the timing was altered to prevent you from mashing the button to tech.

Quick Roll[edit | edit source]

Pressing the parkour button while holding either side when landing on the ground bypasses the crouch animation, allowing the character to instantly roll.

Quick Rolling is the result of an early implementation of the Rolling mechanic. When it was first implemented, rolling was either based on timing (with the window of the Quick Roll) or a set-distance roll if initiated while in Standing position. Rolling was then changed to be non-stop no matter what, but the timing-based roll still exists and thus results into the Quick Rolling technique.

Wall Climbing[edit | edit source]

By dodging diagonally upwards towards a wall, wall sliding, then walljumping (repeat this cycle), players can infinitely travel upwards to scale vertical walls and surfaces. This cycle is crucial for survival on Stages with low bottom blast zones or walls that travel all the way down, such as Canabalt Skyline, INK, and Retro Zone. It is a great recovery option if a player has expended all of their character's recovery tools.

Rolldancing[edit | edit source]

Rolldancing is a technique that lets the player crouch or roll immediately after ending a roll on the ground. To do this, a player has to first cancel their landing with a Quick Roll. After this, releasing the parkour button and immediately pressing it again will let the player crouch, and the player can roll again or do any other actions possible out of crouch. A player can usually only roll twice when rolldancing. However, this technique can be extended by rolling off a platform and landing on another one.

Dodgerolling[edit | edit source]

Dodgerolling allows players to dodge into the ground and then start rolling almost immediately. To do it, the player must dodge into the ground, wait for a very short number of frames after touching the ground and then try to roll. This bypasses the jumpsquat and crouching animations in the same way in which a Quick Roll does, allowing players to dodge into the ground instead of falling all the way so players can get into a roll faster.

Dodgedancing[edit | edit source]

Dodgedancing allows players to roll in one direction, turn around very quickly and start rolling in the other direction. Dodgedancing is faster than Rolldancing when turning around and also lets players turn around multiple times per roll, whereas Rolldancing only allows players to turn around once, or twice if they fall off a platform after starting their roll. Dodgedancing is performed by doing a rolling leap, dodging into the ground, waiting a few frames after touching the ground and then trying to roll in the opposite direction, however the player can choose to keep rolling in the same direction after Dodgedancing as well.

Battle Of The Leap Lords[edit | edit source]

Battle of the Leap Lords is an officially organized monthly tournament held by Trevor Lowe and prominent members of the Indie Pogo Discord community. These events usually occur on the last weekend of every month, save for one or two exceptions.

Leap Lord Events[edit | edit source]

Other Events[edit | edit source]

Tier Lists[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

This Tier list was created using results from a survey coducted by Tyler Conley. Characters within the same tier are ordered, and these rankings only reflect characters at a high level of play.

Game Version:

Bullet Kin
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Shovel Knight
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Outdated[edit | edit source]

These tier lists are based on older versions of the game. They should not be used to judge a character's power level today, but do grant a look into the game's competitive history.

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