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Dragon Valley is an starter stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from the game Freedom Planet.[1]

Stage Origin

Freedom Planet is a 2D action platformer. Dragon Valley is the first area in both Freedom Planet games. It features a grassy, rocky landscape, filled with twists and turns, as well as geysers that launch the player high into the air upon contact.


Icon Layout Description
Dragon Valley.jpg
A flat surface with an extruded section to the left, and a singular platform on the right. There are no hazards on this stage. Designed by Discord user Ocanha.
DV Variant01.jpg
One stage in the middle and a platform on either side of the stage. There are no hazards on this variant. Quoted to have been designed by Discord user Starturbo, despite using elements from stages designed by Starturbo and Bandana Blue.
DV Variant02.jpg
Lengthy base that stretches past the blast zones, making it a walk-off stage. The stage also contains four platforms, two on each side, that are perpendicular to each other, with the two top ones also being walk-offs. A lone steam vent sits in the center of the base platform that, when landed on, shoots the player high up to give an advantage. Designed by Discord user HAZBOMi.
DV Variant03.jpg
Biggest of the variants in terms of verticality. Among a medium-size base platform and two platforms on either side are two platforms floating high above the stage. They can only be reached with steam vents, which are located on the lower platforms. Designed by Discord user Garg.
DV Variant00.jpg
Layout similar to Battlefield from the Super Smash Bros. series. It contains one stage in the middle, and three platforms floating above it, with the middle platform being higher than the other two. Variant 5 can also be seen in Infinite Pogo.


The development of this stage was announced on the 24th of June, 2019 in the Indie Pogo Discord.[2] It was revealed that the actual stage layout would be determined with a stage design contest, prompting fans to submit their mock-ups for a chance to have their layout make it into the game.

"In the near-future, we'll be adding a stage based off of Dragon Valley from Freedom Planet. This time, we decided to get the community involved in this process to see what kinds of ideas you all have! So we're hosting a stage designing contest!" ― Trevor Lowe

At the end, a total of four layouts were chosen to be featured in-game. These stages were designed by Ocanha, HAZBOMi, Garg, and Starturbo (in addition to Bandana Blue).


  • Dragon Valley is the first stage to be designed by fans.
  • Dragon Valleyis the first stage to feature more than one music track, being Dragon Valley 1 and Dragon Valley 2 from Freedom Planet. It shares this feat alongside Block World



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