Fishy, or The Fishy is a character owned by Neon Deity Games and is an unlockable fighter. Fishy appears in the game Shütshimi.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"Fishy is a muscle-bound fishy cursed with an incredibly short attention span. Armed with a bullet-morphing shotgun and an affinity for randomized power-ups, the task of defending the seven seas is an interesting one..or it would be if Fishy could remember." ― Fishy's Trophy Description
"After pounding through the scourge of the deep seas, Fishy found a magic red cape. In Indie Pogo, Fishy's cape is granted after launching out of the Fishbowl Cannon. It temporarily changes the properties of the neutral shotgun and the downward punch." ― Super Fishy's Trophy Description.

Character Origin Edit

The Fishy is an orange fish with muscled arms. Equipped with a shotgun, Fishy fights underwater enemies in Waves of 10 seconds, which is the duration of their attention span. Fishy also happens to be a fish.

Summary Edit

07- Fishy – Indie Pogo

07- Fishy – Indie Pogo

Fishy is one of the heaviest characters in the game, and as such, is usually slow and easy to hit. However, their kit hits hard, and they do have great initiation/escape options in the form of their midair jump and Fishbowl Cannon. Because of Fishy's Megaton weight class, their pogo attacks deal 4 damage rather than 3. 

Moveset Edit

Neutral Aerial | Hydro Shotgun : Fishy shoots twice with their shotgun to the left and right, dealing 6 damage. This move has a bit of startup. The shot can be aimed left or right, and the second shot will always be in the opposite direction. When Fishy is equipped with their cape, the move is instantaneous and only shoots in one direction.

Up Aerial | Fishbowl Cannon : Fishy curls into their fishbowl. When in this state, Fishy doesn't take damage, but the bowl can be broken and put Fishy into their hitstun state. The fishbowl can be aimed in every direction. Pressing the attack button will result in Fishy being shot out of the bowl, the fist raised forward. In this state, Fishy has Super Armor and deals 7 damage. The move can be interrupted with a powered-up Neutral Aerial or Down Aerial, thanks to Fishy's cape.

Down Aerial | Dive Punch : Fishy raises their fist and punches, dealing 11 damage. The move has a lot of startup, but can be used multiple times in the air. When Fishy is equipped with their cape, this move deals 13 damage and Fishy has an active hitbox under them until they touch the ground.

Grounded Charge | Pump Up : Fishy stretches their muscles. When the move is completely charged, Fishy spawns a Fishlet surrounding them. Fishy can have up to 4 Fishlets around them. Each Fishlet will deal 2 damage and disappear when entering in contact with an opponent. Additionally, Fishy can interrupt their charge with a quick overhead punch, dealing 9 damage.

SUPER | Party Time : PARTY TIME!! Opponents touching the ground will receive 12 damage. In addition, the crowd also throws an object upwards that deals 4 damage to anyone hit every second. This lasts around 6 seconds and locks the camera in place for the duration of the Super.

Alternate Skin Edit


Orange Edit

Based off Orange's palette in Shütshimi (Base Skin).

Blue Edit

Based off Blue's palette in Shütshimi.

Green Edit

Based off Green's palette in Shütshimi.

Red Edit

Based off Red's palette in Shütshimi, except their spiky bracelet is missing.

Purple Edit

Based off Purple's palette in Shütshimi.

Strategies Edit

"Insert your strategy here" ― Insert your username here

Update History Edit


  • Buff Dive Punch can now be used multiple times per jump.
  • Buff Caped Dive Punch damage increased from 10 to 12.


  • Buff Dive Punch damage increased from 10 to 11.
  • Buff Caped Dive Punch damage increased from 12 to 13.


  • Buff Super Armor threshold increased.


  • Nerf Fishbowl Cannon active time reduced.


  • Nerf Hydro Shotgun damage reduced from 6 to 5.

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Trivia Edit

  • Fishy was the 7th character added in Indie Pogo.[2]
  • Fishy is never seen using their fists to punch nor to jump in the original game.
  • Fishy also happens to be a genderless fish.
  • Commander Video can be seen in the crowd during Fishy's Super.
  • Fishy is the only character to spawn bubbles during movement. All other characters only feature bubbles when on Fishy's home stage: Bouncy Castle.
  • Despite the character's death animation being derived from his/her respective game, the death animation is actually used for boss characters within Shütshimi when they are defeated, and not for the Fishy itself, though this may have been done on account of the fact that Fishy was never given a proper death animation in its respective game, however.

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