Flappy Fighter is a character owned by Andrew Baxter, and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. They come from the game Flappy Fighter.[1]

Trophy Quote Edit

"Who needs flying through pipes when you can beat the feathers off of someone? The Flappy Fighter is a burly bird who uses devastating punches, kicks and signature Flappyken and Flapoken moves to dominate foes. Claim victory to earn medals and sharpen your beak!" ― Flappy Fighter's Trophy Description.

Character Origin Edit

Flappy Fighter is a subspecies of Flappy Bird and hails from the Street Fighter[2] inspired game, Flappy Fighter. Their clothes bear a strong resemblance to those worn by Ryu of the same series.[3]

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Trivia Edit

  • As the original Flappy Bird was never featured as a trophy, Flappy Fighter acts as the trophy to represent the Flappy Pipeyard stage.
    • In the Kickstarter wishlist that Trevor Lowe sprited, a trophy was considered for Flappy Bird
  • Flapoken is a reference to Ryu's signature move Hadoken in Street Fighter[4]
  • Flappyken is a reference to Ken's signature move Shoryuken in Street Fighter[5]

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