Indie Pogo Wiki

Game Modes are the different ways to play Indie Pogo.


Arcade Battle

Arcade Battle is a mode where the player will take on fights one after another until they encounter the final boss. Each character has it's own unique path, which includes:

  • 5 battles against CPU foes;
  • A Cookie Clicker Themed Coin Minigame, where you have to collect as many coins as you can; &
  • A Boss Fight against Crow on Sovereign Deck

Defeating Arcade Mode will grant you a trophy dependant on the character and difficulty chosen.


Main article : Challenges

Training Mode

Training Mode allows players to practice combos and train with their respective characters. This mode contains an exclusive stage not found anywhere else, as well as some features:

  • Hitbox Display: Displays different hitbox types:
Hitbox Hitbox's functionality
Red Attack's hitbox
Blue Character's hurtbox
Green Windbox
Gray Hitbox that Clears Projectiles
  • Supers Active: Enables or disables SUPER Moves.
  • Auto Fill Supers: Automatically gives the player 5 gems so SUPERS can be accessed.
  • AI State: Makes the AI dummy make an action. These are: STAND, GROUNDED, HUMAN, and ATTACK.
  • AI Level: Sets the AI's Difficulty level, from 1 to 5.

Infinite Pogo

Infinite Pogo is a game-mode that was introduced in Patch In this mode, 1 player fights against up to 3 CPUs at a time. These CPUs start at very low health, but re-spawn with increased health after being defeated. The goal of this mode is simply to defeat as many CPUs as possible before being losing all health. Completing Infinite Pogo awards the player with coins, with the amount depending on the number of enemies defeated.

Infinite Pogo matches take place on a set number of stages, which all have the same layout and are chosen randomly. Here is a list of the stages that can be chosen:


After finishing Arcade Mode, a Challenge, or an Infinite Pogo run, you will see the Online Leaderboards. Your ranking is these leaderboards depends on the mode you play. Arcade Mode goes by score, Challenges, by time, and Infinite Pogo, by how many kills can you do.

Online Leaderboards are also accessible in the information section of the lobby.

Local Match

In Local Match, up to 4 players or CPU-controlled fighter can battle. Players can choose characters, set up specific rules such as the number of Lives or the Time, set Stage Hazards or Super on or off, and choose a Stage to fight on. Completing a Local Match awards the player with coins.

Online Match

In Online Match, the player can fight other player in created rooms. It works exactly like Local Match, but an Input Delay can be changed to diminish Lag, and the host can decide certain parameters.

Tournament Rules

Prior to Battle of the Leap Lords, a Tournament match type was introduced, allowing more "brutal" stages to be inaccessible during online matches and test players to vote for a preferred fight location. The mechanic was well accepted on its introduction in Patch

Crown Pogo

Introduced in 2.0, Crown Pogo is a mode not dissimilar to King of the Hill type game-modes in other games. In this mode, players have infinite health, and instead are tasked with collecting a crown that spawns on stage and then either parkour squatting or charging their grounded charge to cash in the passively accumulating points on the crown. Being hit will make you drop the crown, so players have to do their best to dodge attacks and be the first to accumulate 50 points.