Golden Blockman is a Supreme Skin for Blockman. It gives him a golden color pallet, which sparkles gold. Blockman's blocks also turn gold and sparkle. The bullets on his n-air also change color. This skin is a Kickstarter exclusive, for anyone who pledged $15 or more.

Trivia Edit

  • Golden Blockman was both the first Supreme Skin and the first Kickstarter skin released for Indie Pogo
    • Despite this, Golden Blockman was the second Kickstarter skin planned, with Money Stardrop being conceived first.
  • Golden Blockman was suggested by error_72.[1]
  • Golden Blockman was shown off during a livestream on July 10th.[2]
    • The skin wasn't completely finished at this time, shown by Blockman's bullets still retaining their default color.

References Edit