Hanfu Lilac is an Supreme Skin available at the start of the game. It trades her traditional outfit for the dress she wears in Freedom Planet 2. The outfit also has its own trophy.


  • Lilac sports her new outfit from Freedom Planet 2. This includes the hanfu dress, complete with her sash belt, that covers over her old outfit. She also has new ends to her gloves and boots, and her fingers are slightly longer.

Trophy QuoteEdit

"Two years after her first adventure, Lilac is back! This time, she's facing off against a new foe, Merga, who has risen as a result of the Kingdom Stone's destruction. Lilac comes equipped with new moves, and a fashionable outfit." ― Hanfu Lilac's Trophy Description.


  • Hanfu Lilac was the first costume not designed by Trevor Lowe.
    • The outfit was initially planned (among others) to be worked on at least a few months after the game's launch. However, a user on the official Discord by the name of BrawlersintheZone posted a mockup of what the outfit would look like. Trevor noticed the work and contacted him to work on the costume.


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