The Indie Pogo Release Tournament was the very first Indie Pogo Tournament, held on July 14th, 2018.

Summary Edit

This tournament was made to celebrate the release of Indie Pogo on July 10th, 2018. Hosted by Munkee Haruka, the tournament had a lenght of seven hours and brought 30 participants, including the main developer of Indie Pogo, Trevor Lowe. This tournament was livestreamed on VixyNyan's Twitch channel and the commentators were Munkee Haruka, YopAlonso and Robbie Dolan.

Here is the Top 8 of the Tournament. Congratulations to them!

1st: Deep Gnome - Velocispider, Shovel Knight, Orcane

2nd: ¿Query? - Jack, Shovel Knight, Teslakid

3rd: Vvvvvvöłta - Viridian

4th: Windchilled - Welltaro

5th: BirdBreath

5th: Cheezy - Lilac

7th: Numb_Knot

7th: lowebros (Trevor Lowe) - Stardrop, Zorbié

Aftermath Edit

This tournament led to the creation of a Tier list made by Deep Gnome and Vvvvvvöłta, as well as several nerfs and buffs toward certain fighters, brought by Patch

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Challonge page of the tournament

VOD with commentary of the livestream

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