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Welcome to the official Wiki for the platform fighter Indie Pogo. Here, you can learn more about the characters, stages, modes, and other content for the game, as well as extensive competitive knowledge on game mechanics and strategy. Over 50 studios across 15 different countries appear in some format in Indie Pogo!

This Wiki was made by the many backers and fans of Indie Pogo, and is free for anyone to edit and contribute. If you're looking for somewhere to start, consider looking at the wiki's Insights to find what needs to be done. Thanks, and have fun!

What is Indie Pogo?
Indie Pogo is a platform fighter game made by Lowe Bros. Studios that brings together more than 50 indie studios from around the world for an epic crossover! The characters are constantly auto-jumping off the ground, which keeps the gameplay always in motion and adds even more personality to the mix. Fourteen fighters are playable from release, including Shovel Knight, Viridian from VVVVVV, Teslakid from Teslagrad, and others, with more coming through DLC.

Learn more about the Gameplay or the team that created Indie Pogo, Lowe Bros. Studios

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Did you know...
  • ...that Yolk's moveset was worked from an existing stage based on Nitrome's games?
  • ...that Kick has the most skins out of every fighter?
  • ...that a number of Pitches were made during development to recruit more indie game characters, and that Octodad was one of them?

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