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Kick is a character owned by Iron Galaxy and is the 4th post-release fighter. He comes from the game Divekick.[1]

Character Origin

Kick comes from a game called Divekick. It is a comedic parody of various 2D competitive fighting games. The game itself is played using only two buttons, Dive and Kick, and like the latter becoming a fighter in Indie Pogo, the former lends its name to his brother "Dive" (featured as Kick's hard mode trophy).

Trophy Quote

"In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days. Chillin' out maxin' relaxing all cool, and shooting some basketball outside of the school. When a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in the neighborhood. After getting into a fight Kick's mom sent him and Dive off to their Uncle Sensei where they began training in the art of DiveKicking. His goal is to become so famous that all girls will swoon over him." ― Kick's Trophy Description



Kick's Reveal Trailer - Indie Pogo


Side Melee: Kick swings a microphone forward, dealing 3 damage.

Up Melee: Kick calls a hot babe using his phone, with the antenna dealing 4 damage.

Down Melee: Kick performs a wide kick below him, dealing 5 damage.

Neutral Special | Basketball Toss: Kick throws a basketball. This ball will bounce around on stage for a short while. Deals 3 damage on the first hit, decreasing in damage for each consecutive hit. The ball can be knocked about using Kick's melee attacks. He can also hold the ball when special is held, so he can actually slam dunk it into the basketball hoop. This deals 6 damage instead and cause the ball to spike.

Side Special | Parabolic Arc: Kick thrusts himself forward. While this deals no damage, it can still knock opponents. If a Divekick is performed mid-move Kick will then use New Angle, which is like a normal Divekick but faster and almost directly downward.

Up Special | Dunk On It: Kick will attempt to slam dunk into a basketball hoop. He will be pulled upwards towards the hoop, but he still has sideways control over his movement so a slam dunk is not guaranteed. During the jump, Kick can collide with an opponent to roll them up like a ball dealing 2 damage. If Kick then proceeds to dunk the "ball" into the hoop, they will take 3 damage.

Down Special | Divekick: Kick performs his signature Divekick, speeding down at an angle with his foot out. This deals 6 damage, unless the opponent is hit square on the head for a Headshot. This will deal 1 additional damage and not restore their specials. On top of this, the move can deal an additional 1 damage if used out of Side Special, where the move then becomes New Angle. This version of the Divekick is both faster and more powerful than its default counterpart.

Grounded Charge | Party Starter: Kick slams the ground with his foot. This will cause a small quake on the entire platform he slammed, unless fully charged where it will cover all platforms on the stage. This deals 2 damage.

SUPER | Fraud Detection: All opponents will be marked with the Fraud Detection warning. If they are hit using Kick's Divekick during this period they will be instantly killed. The Fraud Detection must be hit in a short period of time or it will run out. Opponents can also escape Fraud Detection by hitting Kick.

Alternate Skins


Kick's skins pay homage to the fighter roster of his source game Divekick, pulling especially from his brother Dive's choice of attire.

Skin Name Description
Yellow-Black Based on Kick’s standard attire.
Yellow-Purple Based on one of Kick's alternate attire colors.
Dark Blue References an alternate costume of a Divekick fighter, Mr. N. [2]
Black-Yellow Based on one of Kick's alternate attire colors.
Green References "Dr. Victoria", an alternate costume of a Divekick fighter, Dr. Shoals. [3]
Grey Based on Dive’s alternate attire, swapping blue and white for grey and red.[4]
Light Blue Based on Dive’s attire, featuring his signature red wristbands.
Orange-Black Based on Dive’s second alternate attire, swapping blue and white for black and orange.
Red Based on Mr. N's standard attire from Divekick.[5]
Orange Based on Fencer's standard color palette in Divekick. [6]

Competitive Play


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Offstage setplay: Kick can easily send the foe off-stage with Side Special and/or Up Special, and can edgeguard foes with Divekick and Dunked Ball.
  • Dunked Ball: Great tool for damage, pressure, as well as defense.
  • Fraud Detection: With the good confirms, SUPER allows Kick to do incredible comebacks.
  • Pretty Average Damage Output, Kick requires hitting moves that are hard to land to get decent damage.
  • Poor Height Gain & Upwards Coverage, which makes it hard for Kick to challenge pressure or approaches from above.
  • Dunked Ball can be easily countered by Windboxes, melees with big enough hitboxes, or simply by moving around it.

Techs & Strategies

  • You can hover a little bit by spamming Up Melee.

"A couple of things to take in mind when playing Kick: 1# Side Special can be cancelled into any move while it's active, kinda like CV's Flipkick. This means that you can do stuff like Side Spec > Dunk, which should work most of the time. It can also be dodge-cancelled, so you can do some fake-outs. (Most of kick's specials can be dodge-cancellable) 2# Kick's basketball is an interesting tool. Generally, you want to use Dunked Ball the most, since it has more follow-up potential, but regular one works for chip, I guess. You can hit it with your melees to approach. 3# When hitting the ball with melees, keep in mind the knockback angles. One half of your hitbox sends it to forward, while the other sends it backwards." ― Bandana Blue

Update History


  • New.png Added to the game.


  • Grounded Charge | Party Starter
    • Buff.png Hitbox height increased.


  • Up Melee
    • Buff.png Damage increased from 3 to 4.


  • Down Special | Divekick
    • Buff.png Base damage increased from 5 to 6.


  • Kick is one of two characters to have English voice acting in-game, the other being Lilac. He is voiced by Zaid Tabani by way of reused voice clips from Divekick.
  • Kick didn't win the first character poll, but he was added because there was a very small difference in votes between him and Bullet Kin.
  • Kick was originally intended to be released as part of the Heavy Metal update, alongside Bullet Kin and Diogenes. However due to complications with developing both of those characters, Kick had to be postponed to save time.
    • This makes him the 18th fighter added to the overall roster, as Yolk's finalised gameplay was teased first.
  • In the teaser for the second Indie Pogo special broadcast, alongside showcasing the previously mentioned moves, Kick's parkour roll, rolling leap, and neutral special can be seen as well as what appears to be his taunt sprite.[7]
  • As in Divekick, Kick 's various battle quotes largely reference the works of actor and musician Will Smith.
    • In Kick's Moveset Breakdown, Trevor notes that Kick's down melee is named "Flipturn". This is a reference to the lyrics in the intro of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".
    • The entire first half of Kick's trophy description is a word for word recital of the aforementioned intro.



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