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Meat Boy is a character owned by Team Meat and is the 5th post-release fighter. He comes from the Super Meat Boy[1] franchise.

Character Origin

Meat Boy originates from the eponymous Meat Boy[2], a popular flash game on Newgrounds - and by extension featured in The Basement Collection[3]. However, he is moreso recognized from his console appearance in the updated Super Meat Boy, in which he must save Bandage Girl from the evil clutches of Dr. Fetus by avoiding salt, saws, doppelgangers & syringes.

The game's direct sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever, sees Meat Boy and Bandage Girl on yet another rescue mission, as this time Dr. Fetus kidnaps their daughter, Nugget. The majority of Meat Boy's kit is based on this newest entry in the series.

Trophy Quote

"Meat Boy is no stranger to adventure. He is always ready to answer the call to action whenever his arch nemesis, Dr. Fetus, starts causing trouble. Meat boy will run, punch, and kick his way to success, to rescue his darling Bandage Girl, or their daughter Nugget. But with adventure comes danger, especially for a boy with no skin. No matter how many times he's defeated, Meat Boy will keep trying forever!" ― Meat Boy's Trophy Description

"She's the other half of the hard-hitting power couple. Not only does he love her immensely, but, because of Meat Boy's lack of skin, he needs her to stay alive. Thus, when she is captured, he must rescue her. But she's shown more than enough bravery herself, as she helps Meat Boy to rescue their daughter Nugget from the clutches of Dr. Fetus." ― Bandage Girl's Trophy Description



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Side Melee: Meat Boy does a punch forward, dealing 4 damage.

Up Melee: Meat Boy performs a "friendly gesture" above his head, dealing 4 damage.

Down Melee: Meat Boy performs a extended stomp, dealing 5 damage.

Neutral Special | Salt Punt: Meat Boy throws a block of salt, which can be angled. The salt itself deals no damage, but will stun opponents, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Up Special | Fan: Meat Boy summons a fan. The fan itself deals no damage, but has an intense upwards windbox which can be used to send players flying into blast zones.

Side Special | Dashing Punch: Meat Boy lunges forward while punching, dealing 4 damage. The attack can hit multiple players at once. Holding down while punching will cause Meat Boy to dive and continuously slide across the ground until hitting a wall.

Down Special | Meat Ninja: Meat Boy teleports downwards. Any enemies in the radius of his teleport take 8 damage.

Grounded Charge | Sawblade: Meat Boy summons a sawblade, which runs across the floor, and can run upwards on walls, dealing 3 damage to every opponent it hits. Charging the attack longer will have the sawblade run across the terrain automatically upon summoning as opposed to tossing the saw. The sawblade falls off the edge of walls and will deal damage during its duration.

SUPER | Swinging Sawblade: Meat Boy summons a rotating sawblade around him that deals 1 damage per hit. There is no limit to how many sawblades you can summon. All sawblades will instantly disappear if Meat Boy receives any sort of damage. When summoning the sawblades, Meat Boy will pose for a second, having no invulnerability frames, making the Super very risky to use when near a opponent.

Alternate Skin

Skin Name Description
Red Meat Based on Meat Boy's standard appearance.
Brownie Meat Based on the appearance of Brownie, the third boss in Super Meat Boy[4]
Bandaged Meat Based on Bandage Girl's appearance in the Meat Boy games.
Charred Meat Possibly based on the Demon Boy trophy[5] or Little Horn[6], the fourth boss in Super Meat Boy.
Green Meat Possibly a reference to Chipper Grove, a world featured in Super Meat Boy Forever[7]
Purple Meat Possibly based on the Heat Death Girl trophy for Super Meat Boy Forever.

Alternatively, it is possibly a refrence to the level "Grape Soda" from Super Meat Boy.

Yellow Meat Possibly based on the I'm a Golden God trophy for Super Meat Boy[8]
Orange Meat Possibly based on World 4 Hell from Super Meat Boy, where most of the meat is on fire.

Alternatively, it is possibly a refrence to the level "Agent Orange" from Super Meat Boy.

Faux Meat Based on the appearance of Super Tofu Boy[9], a joke character who is unlockable in the Meat Boy series.


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  • Meat Boy was first revealed on December 24th 2020, alongside a Switch port for the game
  • Previously, Trevor has stated that he would prefer featuring Dr. Fetus as a fighter over Meat Boy, due to having more actions to pull from for his moveset. However, once Meat Boy was revealed, Trevor confirmed this was just a cover.
  • Meat Boy was originally supposed to be released in the Leap Year update alongside Kick, but was delayed due to Team Meat being unresponsive. This caused the Leap Day update to be delayed several months, with Yolk taking Meat Boy's place as the other character featured in the Leap Day update.


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