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Meat Boy is a character owned by Team Meat and is the 5th post-release fighter. He comes from the Super Meat Boy[1] franchise.

Trophy Quote

"TBA" ― Meat Boy's Trophy Description

Character Origin

Meat Boy originates from the eponymous Meat Boy[2], a popular flash game on Newgrounds - and by extension featured in The Basement Collection[3]. However, he is moreso recognized from his console appearance in the updated Super Meat Boy, in which he must save Bandage Girl from the evil clutches of Dr. Fetus by avoiding salt, saws, doppelgangers & syringes.

The game's direct sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever, sees Meat Boy and Bandage Girl on yet another rescue mission, as this time Dr. Fetus kidnaps their daughter, Nugget. The majority of Meat Boy's kit is based on this newest entry in the series.



Meat Boy & Nintendo Switch announcement trailer - Indie Pogo


Side Melee: TBA

Up Melee: TBA

Down Melee: TBA

Neutral Special: TBA

Up Special: TBA

Down Special: TBA

Grounded Charge: TBA


Alternate Skin

Skin Name Description
Red Meat Based on Meat Boy's standard appearance.
Pink Meat Based on Bandage Girl's appearance in the Meat Boy games.


"Insert your strategy here" ― Insert your username here



  • Meat Boy was first revealed on December 24th 2020, alongside a Switch port for the game
  • Previously, Trevor has stated that he would prefer featuring Dr. Fetus as a fighter over Meat Boy, due to having more actions to pull from for his moveset. However, once Meat Boy was revealed, Trevor confirmed this was just a cover.


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