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Orcane is a character owned by Dan Fornace and is an unlockable fighter. He appears in the game Rivals of Aether.[1]

Character Origin

Orcane is a character of the water element in Rivals of Aether. Being a platform fighter, Rivals of Aether is similar to Indie Pogo, so some moves were directly imported from that game, such as his Forward Aerial, Down Aerial, Up Special, Down Special, Up Strong, and Forward Strong. Rivals of Aether is more aimed at the more competitive fighting game community than Indie Pogo.

According to the Rivals of Aether website, “When he first arrived in Water Town, the merchant capital of Aether, Orcane was considered a dangerous nuisance and a criminal. Orcane is a playful trickster, notorious for escaping even the most precarious of situations. However, while the Water Merchants denounce Orcane in public, they do not hesitate to call upon him when they need a situation dealt with quietly. Orcane is sly and can infiltrate even the most secure strongholds. He can transform into water and confuse enemies with a spray of bubbles, making him the perfect candidate for stealth assignments.[2]

Trophy Quote

"Orcane is well known as a deviant trickster by the Water Merchants of Water Town. Despite their apparent disdain, they often commission him for stealthy missions, to which he puts his unique ability to transform into water to great use." ― Orcane's Trophy Description

"Get this lovable plush based on Rivals of Aether character Orcane the Puddle Jumper. It includes a skin DLC code for Golden Orcane. *Steam (PC) Version Only. Size: 17 in x 605 in x8 in. Ships from United States. Most customers receive within 6-10 days." ― Plush Orcane's Trophy Description



12- Orcane – Indie Pogo

Orcane is a tricky, defensive character that thrives off of baiting opponents and punishing them. His unique water abilities allow him to gain easy control of a stage, and lash out at players who take a step in the wrong direction.


Puddles: Orcane is able to create puddles by diving into the ground using his down special, or by hitting the ground with a water projectile from his neutral or up special. Opponents hit by his water projectile become "wet", noted by a blue tint in their sprite. A wet opponent loses their condition and leaves a puddle once they land on the ground.

Side Melee : Orcane whips his tail forwards, dealing 3 damage.

Up Melee  : Orcane shoots a blast of water upwards through his blowhole, dealing 6 damage.

Down Melee : Orcane spins downward in a drilling motion, dealing 1 damage up to 5 times.

Grounded Charge | Hydro Pump : Orcane shoots a high-pressure blast of water, dealing 2 damage in rapid succession. When charged, the blast reaches farther. The blast can be aimed in any direction. When performing this move on a puddle, Orcane absorbs it and is able to deal 3 damage instead.

Neutral Special | Downward Droplet : Orcane shoots a water projectile downwards. When a puddle is active, this attack detonates it, spawning a stream of bubbles from the puddle. Bubbles deal 1 damage in rapid succession, but cannot drop an opponent past 1 HP if droplet is activated in the air. If droplet is activated while on a surface, bubbles deal a maximum of 9 damage. If an opponent is wet, using this attack instead spikes them.

Side Special | Telesplash : Orcane teleports a short distance forward, dealing 7 damage when he reappears. Distance traveled is dependent on the time the button is held.

Up Special | Droplet : Orcane shoots a water projectile in an arc out of his blowhole. The move can be aimed to the right or the left.

Puddleport : When using Up Special again, Orcane is able to teleport to its puddle, dealing 12 damage, or on a wet enemy, dealing only 6 damage.

Down Special | Bubble Dive/Butt Bash : Orcane plunges downward and deals 2 damage. Releasing the button causes Orcane to spit bubbles dealing 1 damage in rapid succession while moving in the aimed direction. Holding the button causes Orcane to dive into the ground and pop back up, leaving a puddle. When a puddle is already in place, he leaves a new puddle on his landing spot and pops out of the former with a bunch of bubbles dealing 1 damage in rapid succession.

SUPER | Abyssal Runes : Orcane curls into a ball. Pressing the attack button will make Orcane spit bubbles and move in the direction of the stick. Orcane can also jump and Pogo foes.

Rolling after absorbing a puddle deals 3 damage. Additionally, when a roll ends, Orcane drops a new puddle in his place.

Alternate Skins


All of Orcane‘s skins are taken straight from Rivals of Aether.

Skin Name Description
Blue Based on Orcane's default appearance in Rivals of Aether (Base Skin)
Aqua Taken straight from Rivals of Aether, this skin is based off Orcane's aqua alt from the game.
Black Taken straight from Rivals of Aether, this skin is based off Orcane's black alt from the game.
Red Taken straight from Rivals of Aether, this skin is based off Orcane's red alt from the game.
Green Taken straight from Rivals of Aether, also acting as his Early Access Promo costume in said game.
Purple Taken straight from Rivals of Aether, this skin is based off Orcane's purple alt from the game.
Pink Taken straight from Rivals of Aether, this skin is based off one of Orcane's default custom colors from the game.
Teal Unlockable by entering the secret code "ORCANEP" in the shop, then returning to the title screen and completing the "Orcane Pogo" tutorial.
Lovers (Additional Costume) Lovers Orcane is a "Supreme Skin" added for Patch It pays homage to Orcane's high school outfit from Lovers of Aether, a dating sim featuring fighters from his origin game.

Competitive Play


Strengths Weaknesses
  • SUPER: Best reversal super in the game, due to it beating every attack in the game, including supers.
  • Recovery: Orcane has multiple recovery options that he can mix up. He can teleport back with Up Special, recover normally, and more.
  • Bubbles: When used effectively, they can be really oppressive stage control tools.
  • OK Offense: Up Melee and Neutral Special spike are good ways to finish a foe, plus he has a good combo game.
  • Frame Data: Most of Orcane's attacks are rather slow and punishable on whiff.
  • Hurtbox Issues: Orcane's attacks, especially Down Special's dive and Puddleport, have extremely big hurtboxes which make Orcane punishable.
  • Combo Food: Due to his weight and size, as well as what was mentioned above, he can be easily be vulnerable to combos.
  • Upwards Coverage: Doesn't have much when it comes to covering the space above him.

Update History


  • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that allowed Viridian to transfer puddles to ceilings.


  • Buff.png Hydro Pump startup time decreased.


  • New.png New SUPER - Abyssal Runes
    • Orcane curls into a spinning ball, allowing him to bounce around and propel himself forward with bubbles.
  • New.png New animation for when Orcane rolls over a puddle.


  • Buff.png Bubble Dive bubbles no longer lets characters with Super Armor moves float away.


  • Side/Up/Down Melee
    • Change Rework.png Orcane's old Neutral Special has been moved to his melees. They should be easier to input this way.
    • Buff.png Can now be used multiple times in the air.
    • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 6 to 4.
  • Grounded Charge | Hydro Pump
    • Change Rework.png Puddle-charged hitbox changed from a weak multi-hit to a strong, single hitting attack, similar to how it appears in Rivals of Aether.
  • Neutral Special | Downward Droplet
    • New.png Orcane shoots a puddle projectile downwards. When a puddle is active, this attack detonates it, spawning a stream of bubble from the puddle.
  • Side Special | Telesplash
    • New.png Orcane teleports a short distance forward, dealing 7 damage when he reappears. Distance traveled is dependent on the time the button is held.
  • Down Special | Bubble Dive/Butt Bash
    • Nerf.png Now runs on an ammo meter that recharges slowly over time. Repeated use causes less bubble to fire.
    • Change Rework.png Bubbles recharges a set amount every time Orcane lands an attack.
  • SUPER | Abyssal Runes
    • Buff.png Can now be dodge cancelled.


  • Up Special | Puddleport
    • Bugfix.pngNerf.png Orcane can no longer damage opponents twice while teleporting.


  • Parkour
    • Buff.png If Orcane rolls over a puddle, he will now create a new puddle in the location where his roll ends, whether it be from a roll cancel, a Rolling Leap, etc.
  • Up Melee
    • New.png Orcane charges up and shoots a pillar of water above him, reminiscent of his Up Aerial from Rivals of Aether.
  • Side Melee
    • New.png Orcane quickly swipes his tail in a forward arc, reminiscent of his Back Aerial from Rivals of Aether.
  • Down Melee
    • New.png Orcane spins in place, hitting enemies multiple times and setting up for combos. Reminiscent of his Down Aerial from Rivals of Aether.
  • Neutral Special | Downward Droplet
    • Buff.png Increased the height of the bubble hitbox when Orcane detonates an active puddle. or creates one with Down Special.
    • Buff.png Detonation distance and duration on active Droplet projectiles increased.
    • Buff.png Now spikes wet victims downwards upon use.
    • Nerf.png Bubbles can no longer drop enemies below 1HP, similar to Zorbie's Gas.
  • Down Special | Bubble Dive / Butt Bash
    • Nerf.png Bubbles no longer drop enemies below 1HP, similar to Zorbie's Gas.
  • Puddle Roll
    • Change Rework.png Now does not consume the puddle, and instead drops it at the ending location.


  • Orcane was the 12th character added in the game.[3]
  • Orcane is a Dog and Orca fusion[4]
  • During the Rivals Direct on April 1st, 2018, Trevor Lowe made an appearance to jokingly announce Orcane Pogo, pretending that Orcane was the "Absolute Greatest Indie".[5]
  • Orcane's death animation is an original creation, as the only way to die in Rivals of Aether is by touching a blast zone. However, it uses several sound effects present in Rivals of Aether, such as the blast sound.
  • Orcane's SUPER changed as of Patch
    • ORIGINAL SUPER: Summons a stream of water Orcane can swim upwards from, while enemies are pushed downwards. The stream lasts 10 seconds.
  • Within Rivals of Aether, Orcane is an expy of Vaporeon, and is based on a previous game by Dan Fornace, Super Smash Land[6]



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