This patch includes a variety of changes to the in-game economy, trophy text corrections, and various bug fixes.

 Patch Notes Edit

  • Bugfix Potential fix for Online desync while typing mid-game
  • New Added version number to main menu
  • Bugfix Corrected trophy typos
  • Bugfix Fixed trophy loading/saving bug so they won't be lost
  • Bugfix Patched out Time Battle Coin exploit
  • Change Rework Significantly increased coin earnings for local and online battles
  • Change Rework Defeating Crow automatically gives 30 coins for normal, 50 for hard
  • Change Rework Lowered coin costs for almost every item in the shop
  • Change Rework Replaced a few placeholder trophy descriptions
  • Change Rework Data now saves after beating Arcade, buying items, and beating challenges
  • Bugfix Welltaro Balloon vs. Crow bug fix
  • New Added new names to the credits
  • Change Rework Lilac is now a default fighter!
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