This patch includes a variety of changes to Up Aerial priority, in-game economy, trophy text corrections, and various bug fixes.

Patch Notes Edit

  • Bugfix Prevented Penelope from teleporting beyond blast zones
  • Change Rework Moved all Block World blast zones out farther
  • Bugfix Blockman death crash fixed
  • Change Rework Electric panels on Sovereign Deck now cancel super armor
  • Change Rework Added the widely requested fix for giving Up Aerials better priority over head-jumping hitboxes
    • Nerf Adjusted foot hitboxes so up aerials overpower them
    • Buff Increased size of Lilac Up Air hitbox
  • Change Rework Fighters no longer survive after losing all HP until attacks end
  • New Added version number to blimp screen
  • Bugfix Fighters can no longer rotate art incorrectly
  • Change Rework Coin mini-game now has Shovel Knight anchor shelf below stage
  • Bugfix Welltaro palette on death repaired
  • Change Rework Velocispider rolling leap hitbox relocated to mouth
  • Bugfix Online chat text no longer overlaps itself
  • Bugfix Many trophy typos fixed
  • New Added more names to credits
  • Change Rework Online lobbies now start as 'Public'
  • Change Rework Slightly increased shop costs to adjust for coin income increase from patch
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