This patch brings out a fix for anyone who played Indie Pogo during the Kickstarter, but will effect EVERYONE. You will have to remake your profile and reattach taunts/button-mapping. This does not effect save data in any way.

Patch Notes

  • Change Rework.png Game now deletes outdated local demo data
  • New.png Added Wiki icon/link to Community Blimp
  • Change Rework.png Lowered Jack and Zorbie AI difficulty for Normal mode
  • Bugfix.png Characters can no longer stay alive at zero HP by using certain attacks
  • New.png Added publish dates to Blimp news articles
  • New.png Added total trophy count
  • New.png Profiles can now be used during Challenges
  • New.png Additional Hard Mode trophy descriptions
  • Change Rework.png We renamed a few Hard-Mode trophies, which means you will have to earn them again by defeating Hard Mode with the characters below:
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