This patch was made to re-balance certain fighters, as well as add additional content.

Patch Notes


  • 2 new trophies added to the Gachapon (Slime-san and Adventure Pals).
  • Aquatic Adversaries challenge added for Orcane.
  • Alternate Vysnc option added to fix sprite flickering.


  • Velocispider's neutral damage changed: min from 6 to 4, max from 12 to 9.
  • Teslakid Up Aerial punch damage: from 9 to 10.
  • Fishy can now down-punch multiple times per jump.
  • Fishy down-punch damage changed from 10 to 12.
  • Trophy typos corrected.
  • Crow now uses drill attack 3 times on Normal instead of 4 times.
  • Low level AI's are now less aggressive.
  • Bug fixed where landing multi-hit attacks lost pogo combos.
  • Bug fixed where Zorbie's axe was effected by wind on Sovereign Deck when hazards are toggled off.
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