This patch addresses trophies and makes some small quality of life changes.

Patch Notes Edit

  • Nerf Block World blocks now knock Jack out of his burrow
  • Bugfix All trophy counters update correctly
  • Bugfix Hard Mode trophies now unlock correctly
  • New All trophies now have proper descriptions
  • New Credit names updated again
  • Bugfix Viridian no longer tries to place Orcane puddle on ceiling
  • Change Rework SUPERs no longer break the Afterlife cloud platforms
  • Change Rework Ink splats now appear onstage when match starts if hazards are turned off
  • Bugfix Ambient sounds are now properly cancelled when accepting online invite via Steam

Trivia Edit

  • The change in the number version format is intentional. Now, the last digit of the number version is reserved for minor fixes within the same version.
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