This patch contains minor game balancing and tweaking to cameras and blast zones.

Patch Notes Edit

  • Change Rework Side blast zones moves out on INK stage
  • Bugfix Prevented fighters from travelling infinitely high in Block World
  • Change Rework Widened camera on Polar Dimension
  • Change Rework Blimp notification now remains until you enter Blimp
  • Bugfix Online chat text layering fix
  • Bugfix Fixed bug where trophies weren't registering dates properly
  • Bugfix Fixed bug where pressing Options online wouldn't hide 'READY?' text
  • Bugfix Fixed bug where Shovel Knight wouldn't die on top of Blockman block
  • New Stats screen now keeps track of combos for all characters
  • Buff Teching out of knockback is now easier
  • Change Rework More names edited on Credits
  • Change Rework Campfire animation updated
  • Nerf Jack Spikeball damage while bouncing reduced from 5 to 4
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