This patch adds new trophies, new NPC and adresses several balance issues in preparation for the Battle of the Leap Lords tournament.

Patch Notes Edit

Additions Edit

  • New 2 new trophies
  • New 2 new Kickstarter NPCs

Changes Edit

  • Buff Blockman SUPER block damage re-upped to 8 damage
  • Nerf Blockman SUPER block damage no longer multi-hits during super armor
  • Buff Fishy super armor threshold slightly increased
  • Change Rework Lilac stomp now takes Jack out of burrow
  • Nerf Lilac up aerial explosion now has longer cooldown
  • Bugfix Orcane bubbles no longer let players with super armor moves float away
  • Nerf Penelope hook damage lowered from 9 to 8
  • Nerf Penelope teleport damage lowered from 8 to 7
  • Change Rework Victims can now DI after Penelope hook
  • Bugfix Stardrop's death animation fixed for Kickstarter skin
  • Bugfix Bug fixed that prevented Viridian from dodging after reaching upward boundaries
  • Change Rework Welltaro laser knockback direction now launches upward
  • Bugfix Welltaro Balloon bug fixed for arcade mode
  • Change Rework Training Mode now lets you toggle SUPERs
  • Bugfix RANDOM icon blacked out during stage banning in tourney mode
  • Bugfix Bug fixed that caused online profile names to only appear sometimes
  • Bugfix Bug fixed when changing lobby game types between matches
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