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The Heavy Metal Update (previously known as The Big One) is a major content update for Indie Pogo. This patch is Part 2 of this giant 2-part patch. It introduces newcomer Diogenes, as well as Augments, balance changes, and more.

Patch Notes


  • New.png Diogenes added to the game.
  • New.png New Feature - Augments! Mix and match different stat boosters to change the way you Pogo! Includes the all-new Heavy Metal Augment, which disables autojumping for your character.
  • New.png New trophies added, including Arcade trophies for Diogenes.
  • New.png Diogenes palettes are now purchasable in the shop.
  • New.png New Downwell-themed taunt in the shop.

Character Balance Changes

  • Universal Changes
    • Grabs
      • Change Rework.png Dodge Grabbing has been repurposed from a base universal feature to an Augment.
  • Bullet Kin
    • Up Special – Bullat Wings
      • Buff.png Startup slightly decreased.
      • Buff.png Overall height gain increased.
  • Fishy
    • SUPER - Shütshimi
      • Buff.png Bullets now travel through terrain.
  • Jack
    • Up Special – Double Drill
      • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 2 to 1.
    • SUPER – Chaos Drill
      • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 10 to 7.
  • Orcane
    • Up Special – Puddleport
      • Bugfix.pngNerf.png Orcane can no longer damage opponents twice while teleporting.
  • Shovel Knight
    • Down Melee
      • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 4 to 2.
    • Neutral Special – Flare Rod
      • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 3 to 1.
      • Nerf.png Projectile cooldown increased.
  • Stardrop
    • Side Special – Lunging Latch
      • Nerf.png Kick damage reduced from 4 to 3.
      • Nerf.png Knockback slightly reduced.
    • Down Special – Groundward Starshot
      • Nerf.png Greatly reduced the default starting size and damage of the star projectile. Starshot's size and damage now charge as Stardrop lands hits with his other attacks.
      • Change Rework.png Camera no longer focuses on the Starshot projectile when it is deployed.
  • Velocispider
    • Grounded Charge/Neutral Special/Side Special – Charge Shot
      • Nerf.png Minimum damage decreased from 2 to 1.
      • Bugfix.pngNerf.png Fixed a bug that prevented Velocispider from being punished for landing incorrectly if the player fired a shot immediately before landing.
  • Viridian
    • Up Special – Warp
      • Nerf.png Viridan can no longer spawn another Warp portal if one is already active.
      • Nerf.png Startup slightly increased.
  • Welltaro
    • Midair Jump
      • Nerf.png Bullets no longer contribute to Pogo combos.
    • Up Special – Heart Balloon
      • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that caused Welltaro to get stuck on platforms while using this move.
    • Down Special – Laser Module
      • Nerf.png Ammo cost increased from 3 to 4.
  • Zorbié
    • Side Melee
      • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 6 to 5.
    • Down Melee
      • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 6 to 5.
    • Neutral Special – Corkscrew Flurry
      • Nerf.png Axe damage reduced from 8 to 7.

Other Changes/Bugfixes

  • Tourney Rules
    • Change Rework.png Bubble Swap is now set to ON by default.
    • Change Rework.png Canabalt Skyline is now a starter stage.
    • Change Rework.png Retro Zone is now a counterpick stage.
  • Runbow Volcano
    • Change Rework.png Platform layout on the Infinite Pogo variant of this stage has been properly centered.
  • Online
    • New.png HP, Lives, Time, and Augment Toggle are now selectable from the Lobby screen.
  • Profiles
    • New.png Added character-specific Augment preset support.
  • Marketplace
    • Change Rework.png Changed the Fart Mode secret passcode.
    • New.png Added a warning popup to advise players to configure antivirus programs to accept Indie Pogo, to prevent further damaging of game files.