Patch is a minor update focused on fixing immediate bugs and imbalance from the Update.

Patch Notes Edit

Changes Edit

  • General Fighters
    • Bugfix Fixed a bug that allowed Blockman, Jack, and Velocispider to hold onto their melees when touching ground.
  • Lilac
    • Neutral Special | Cyclone
      • Bugfix Fixed a bug that prevented Lilac from doing 5 hits with Neutral Special.
  • Penelope
    • Up Melee
      • Buff Hitbox size increased to hit more reliably.
  • Shovel Knight
    • Hitbox
      • Buff Lowered on top by 12 pixels so he's not as easy to hit.
    • Side Melee
      • Buff Damage increased from 4 to 5.
  • Velocispider
    • Side Melee
      • Nerf Damage reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Yolk
    • Tether Grab | Silly Sausage
      • Nerf Can now grab opponents once per jump, but can grab terrain infinitely.
    • SUPER | Victory Trophy
      • Nerf No longer hits multiple times while falling.
      • Nerf Damage when falling reduced from 12 to 10.
  • Zorbie
    • Side Special | Fart Knocker
      • BugfixNerf Fixed a bug where certain attacks weren't removing the helmet. Zorbie now loses his helmet from these non-knockback hits:
        • Penelope: Bullets from Grounded Charge
        • Yolk: Small fireballs from Neutral Special
        • Fishy: Water bullets from SUPER
        • Bullet Kin: Sword projectile from Melees
  • Stages
    • Block World
      • Change Rework Added an invisible wall piece to the left side to prevent blast zone deaths.
  • Shop
    • Bugfix Fixed a bug that required players to buy multiples of the same item in the shop (you will need to rebuy one last time).
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