Patch is a minor update focused on fixing more bugs and tweaking character balance.

Patch Notes Edit

Changes Edit

  • Blockman
    • Team Battle
      • Bugfix Fixed an improperly displayed team outline for Birthday Blockman.
  • Bullet Kin
    • Dodge Roll
      • Nerf Added extra startup frames to match rolling leap startups of the rest of the cast.
  • Fishy
    • SUPER | Shütshimi
      • Nerf No longer creates new Fishlets.
  • Viridian
    • Grounded Charge | Enemy
      • Bugfix Fixed sprite briefly turning into Blockman.
    • SUPER | Extra Gravity
      • Buff Now puts Crow into downward knockback.
  • Welltaro
    • SUPER | Timevoid
      • Bugfix Fixed Gem Attractor sometimes giving 2 gems.
  • Stages
    • Block World
      • Change Rework The art for the left wall is now visible.
      • New A fully formed block tower now rests on the right side when hazards are off.
    • Dragon Valley
      • New Battlefield variant added.
  • Infinite Pogo
    • Change Rework Now spawns a laser to punish foes who camp offstage for too long.
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