Patch is a minor update that adds additional INK stage variants, in addition to some character balance changes and bugfixes.

Patch Notes Edit

Changes Edit

  • Universal
    • General
      • Bugfix Controller dead-zones tweaked to help Side attacks come out more reliably.
    • Super Armor
      • Bugfix Fixed an unintended instance where Super Armor would cause victims to take massive damage from multi-hit moves.
  • Diogenes
    • Pot Nap
      • Bugfix Fixed a bug that prevented Diogenes from taking damage from throws and SUPERs while active.
      • Bugfix Multi-hit attacks now properly affect Diogenes after the first hit connects.
    • Up Melee
      • Buff Can now contribute 1 Gem to a combo.
  • Fishy
    • Down Melee
      • Bugfix Fixed a bug that caused this move's hitbox to linger after the attack has finished.
    • Down Special | Friendship Tether
      • Nerf Pulling a tethered foe no longer grants a free Gem.
  • Kick
    • Grounded Charge | Party Starter
      • Buff Hitbox height increased.
  • Lilac
    • General
      • Buff Overall hurtbox size reduced.
    • Grounded Charge | Dragon Star
      • Buff Charge rate increased.
  • Stardrop
    • Side Melee
      • Nerf Attack startup increased.
  • Velocispider
    • Side Melee
      • Change Rework Knockback increased to make chains harder to pull off.
  • Viridian
    • General
      • Bugfix Fixed a visual issue related to the Rainbow Viridian skin during Team Matches.
    • SUPER | Extra Gravity
      • Nerf Startup slightly increased to compensate for dodge nerfs.
  • Zorbie
    • Up Special | Mustache Flap
      • Nerf Damage reduced from 7 to 6.
      • Nerf Hitbox shape changed from a rectangle to an ellipse.
  • Marketplace
    • New New INK Variants available in the shop.
  • Tourney Mode
    • Change Rework Retro Zone is now a starter stage.
    • Change Rework Canabalt Skyline is now a counterpick stage.
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