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Patch is a minor update that focuses primarily on reworking Velocispider and Welltaro.

Patch Notes


  • General
    • New.png 2 new skins in the shop (Can you guess who they are for?)
    • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that took away teching i-frames when you roll directly after a tech
    • Bugfix.png Tutorial laser now lets you dodge through
    • Bugfix.png Camera adjusted on the head-jumping tutorial room so you can see the next Xenorg
  • Velocispider
    • Nerf.png Down Special now has greatly reduced knockback
    • Buff.png Down melee knockback increased
    • Buff.png Velocispider can now hold down melee so that the attack fires when the button is released
    • Buff.png Heavily reduced SUPER startup
    • Nerf.png Lowered SUPER damage from 3 to 2 per hit
    • Buff.png Greatly reduced knockback so that it turns into a multi-hit move
    • Nerf.png Up Special now has a window of startup right before he explodes so there's a window where he can be hit
    • Change Rework.png Side melee now launches enemies up at a higher angle, reducing chaining, but setting up for his upward attacks
  • Welltaro
    • Nerf.png Increased landing squish duration when he’s out of ammo
    • Nerf.png Changed Heart Balloon damage from 8 & 10 to 6 & 9
    • Buff.png Increased active frames and max active frames of puncher bullets
    • Buff.png Increased move speed of puncher bullets slightly
    • Buff.png Increased initial jump height for puncher
    • Nerf.png Removed Candle from SUPER upgrade pool
    • New.png Add a new SUPER upgrade called “Rest in Pieces”
    • Buff.png Increased hitbox size on side special’s kick
    • Buff.png Increased knockback power of side special’s kick
    • Nerf.png Slightly decreased knockback power of up melee

Patch Notes - Patch

This is a balance adjustment patch for Welltaro, primarily to discourage ammo spam.


  • Welltaro
    • Nerf.png Landing squish's max duration slightly increased
    • Buff.png Quick Jump re-enabled during Welltaro's landing squish
    • Change Rework.png Ammo now regens over the course of Welltaro's landing squish