Polar Dimension is a unlockable stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from VVVVVV, made by Terry Cavanagh.[1]

Stage Origin Edit

Developed by Terry Cavanagh, VVVVVV is a 2d platformer indie game, featuring Viridian. In this game, Viridian must find his scattered crew members after a “dimensional interference”. Instead of jumping in the game, Viridian can reverse the direction of gravity when on a surface.

The upper part of the stage comes from a section in VVVVVV.

Summary Edit

Stage layout Edit

Polar Dimension consists of a main platform, with 2 platforms floating above it, and one more platform to the right, sometimes just under the camera.

Variants Edit

Stage hazards Edit

There is a ceiling above the main platform, stretching to the right and featuring spikes that deals 12 damage and usually bounces fighters straight to the bottom of the stage, where they get knocked out.

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Trivia Edit

  • Due to its low ceiling and more confined layout, Polar Dimension was one of the least popular stages among the competitive side.
    • It was later fixed in Patch where the ceiling was removed when hazards are off.
  • Polar Dimension technicaly has two icons, as the shop icon reuses the monitor featured on the stage floor (not the VVVVVV icon used at the stage select).
  • The stage is viewed from a 2.5 dimensional perspective, but it is completely flat in the original game.
  • As of Patch, the stage was made to be visible from the start.

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