A projectile is a special type of attack that extends the range of the user, allowing them to hit opponents from far away. Projectiles can be reflected by some moves.

List of every projectile[edit | edit source]

Fighter Projectile Can Shovel Knight reflect? Can CommanderVideo reflect?
Blockman Dual Wieldeth
Blockman Block Dropeth ✔ (If kicked)
Blockman Blocks Raineth
CommanderVideo Beat (Beat Paddle) ✘ (comes from below)
Jack Sickle Boomerang
Jack Spikeball
Orcane Droplet
Orcane Bubbles (Bubble Dive)
Penelope Vampire Mine
Penelope Harpoon
Shovel Knight Fishing Rod
Shovel Knight Mobile Gear (after being launched)
Stardrop Groundward Starshot
Teslakid Teslastaff
Velocispider Charge Shot ✘ (comes from below)
Viridian VVV
Viridian Enemy
Welltaro Air Jump
Welltaro Shotgun Module
Welltaro Hot Casing (Shotgun Module)
Welltaro Laser Module
Welltaro Shotgun Module
Zorbié Axe Throw
Crow Grenades
Crow Missiles tba
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