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Robbie Dolan is the sound designer & music composer for Lowe Bros. Studios, working on Indie Pogo.


Robbie graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Commercial Music. After university he tried his luck working in the record industry in Los Angeles, but would abandon that after learning the harsh reality of the work. He later worked at Wild Woods Inc., a post-production facility for reality television, for a year before being laid off. After moving back to Miami, he shifted focus to the games industry and began attending conventions in the hopes of networking.

Robbie first met Trevor and Jaron at the convention 'Orlando iX'. Indie Pogo had a booth at the event which Robbie would repeatedly visit throughout the day, so much so that he helped the team take down the booth at the end of the event. After finding out that Robbie made music, Trevor asked him if he could work on music for Flappy Pipeyard before later making him a part of the team.


  • Robbie uses Pro Tools 10 for all music & sound found in Indie Pogo.
  • He mains Viridian.
  • Robbie got married on November 2nd 2019.
  • You can find more of Robbie's work from other games on his website: