Rosy Cheeks Boy is a character owned by Nitrome and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. He comes from the game Platform Panic.[1] He also acts as a part of Yolk's moveset.

Trophy Quote

"Rosy Cheeks Boy doesn't know why he was abducted and thrown into a research testing facility. Perhaps it was because the Panic Bots confused him for a dragon of legend. Regardless, he had to navigate the perils of the lab in order to regain his freedom!" ― Rosy Cheeks Boy's Trophy Description.

Character Origin

Rosy Cheeks Boy is a pink cube, similar to Cuboy, with a tuft of hair, white gloves and purple shoes. His eyes are placed close together and he has noticeable pink cheeks.

As part of Yolk

Main article: Yolk

Rosy Cheeks Boy also appears as a part of the "Buddy Toss," Yolk's up special. The character is cycled through, and is the fourth character out of six to be summoned. When thrown he deals 5 damage.



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