Roy G. Biv is a character owned by ZackBellGames and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. He comes from the game INK.[1]

Trophy Quote 

"Imagine a reality where you cannot see surrounding terrain until you touch it. That's the challenge put in front of Roy. With a unique ability to spread multicolored ink across the land, he's found a way to learn from failures of the past to improve chance of success." ― Roy G. Biv's Trophy Description.

Character Description 

Roy G. Biv is a cuboid character with the ability to paint the landscape around them through running and double-jumping. They use this ability to make levels visible and to allow the levels to be completed much easier. Roy G. Biv's homeworld is also featured as a stage in Indie Pogo.


  • Roy G. Biv's name is actually an acronym for the colors of visible light: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.[2]



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