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Runbow Volcano is a starter stage in Indie Pogo. It is from the multiplayer-focused platforming game Runbow, made by 13AM Games.[1]

Stage Origin

Developed by Canadian Indie Team: 13AM Games. Runbow is a multiplayer-focused platformer in which players aim to be the first to reach a trophy at the end of each level. The background of each level constantly shifts between a cycle of colors, causing obstacles of the same color as the background, such as blockades and spikes, to disappear.

The stage itself appears in Runbow as a King of the Hill stage and thus was remade for Indie Pogo.


Icon Layout Description
Runbow Volcano.jpg
Takes place in Runbow Volcano, where a lava pit is located at the bottom and does 6 damage to any fighter who touches it. Lava also occasionally rises up the volcano. There are bridges that are used as platforms and peak areas on each side of the volcano. The background changes every 5 seconds or so, hiding the platform of matching color.
RV Variant00.jpg
A layout similar to Battlefield from the Super Smash Bros. series. It contains one stage in the middle, and three platforms floating above it, with the middle platform being higher than the other two. Variant 2 can also be seen in Infinite Pogo.


  • This stage uses "Two Feet and a Heartbeat" from the Runbow soundtrack.
  • The stage recreation is almost one to one to its appearance in Runbow. The bridge has been redone to blend in with the autojumping mechanic, however.
  • Like Polar Dimension, the shop icon is slightly different to the one used on the stage select screen.
  • As of Patch, the stage was made to be visible from the start.



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