Satura is a character owned by 13AM games and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. She appears in the game Runbow.[1]

Trophy Quote

"After her plans to conquer the Runbow universe by turning it's inhabitants into monsters was thwarted, Satura finally realized her true passion. Space Adventure! Since defeating Plunto with the help of Hue & Val, she's starting to feel less lonesome." ― Satura's Trophy Description.

Character Origin

Satura is the main antagonist in the game Runbow, where you run through levels while timing jumps in order to land on platforms that appear and disappear based on the color of both the platform itself and the background at the time. In the Extra Val-Hue expansions of the Deluxe game, she was given a playable role.[2]


  • Her name is a play on words, abbreviated from the graphics term "Saturation".



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