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While Bart appears as a trophy in the final game, his playable appearance remains scrapped.


Heart is a character owned by AHEARTFULOFGAMES and was originally going to be a playable fighter in Indie Pogo. He comes from the game Heart & Slash and was scrapped due to rights issues.


Joy is a character owned by alpha six productions and was originally going to be a playable fighter in Indie Pogo. She comes from the game The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight and was scrapped due to being from an unfinished game.


Pilgor is a character owned by Coffee Stain Studios and was intended to be added as a playable fighter in Indie Pogo. She comes from the game Goat Simulator and was scrapped due to never being formally pitched before the studio was bought out by Embracer Group, formally THQ Nordic AB. Although it is still possible for her to be in the game, her chances has been reduced due to this.


Rogue is a character owned by Pixelscopic and was originally going to be a playable fighter in Indie Pogo. She comes from the game Delver's Drop and was scrapped due to being from an unfinished game.

The Marine

The Marine is a character owned by Dodge Roll and was considered as a clone for Bullet Kin, both coming from the game Enter The Gungeon. This character was scrapped due to the Trevor's dislike towards clones, believing it could open the doors to demand for more fighters like it, and being a lot of work to clone a character with a lower-play rate.

This fighter was planned to have several differences from Bullet Kin, including a unique gun loadout (though both characters could pick up guns from one another), Casey used for melees instead of Blasphemy and different side & up specials.


  • Walking

Blockman Walking

Walking was originally going to be a mechanic that allowed characters to walk across the ground. This would be done by holding the parkour button to stand and then using the control buttons to walk left and right. Characters could also jump out of walking. This new walking mechanic was first tested on Blockman. In the end however, this was replaced with the current parkour.

"First and foremost, because you have so much extra mobility, matches tend to last a lot longer, because no one's able to land hits on each other that well. With the ability to walk and run, the pacing of the matches just doesn't feel good anymore. Couple that with the fact that you now always have to hold the trigger in order to run, it kinda defeats the purpose of the autojumping and the game therefore loses its identity. Even more so, we found through play tests that your finger kinda gets tired from holding the trigger the whole time, which begs the question 'Well, should there just be a toggle?" ― Trevor, explaining why the walking mechanic was originally removed.[1]

However, walking made a return in Patch As part of the newly added Augments, players can equip a Heavy Metal augment which allows the character to walk on the ground. This is currently only available to Blockman, Bullet-Kin, Jack, Velocispider, and Viridian, with more characters planned in the future.

  • Visual Augments

These type of augments would have had no impact on gameplay, but instead give players different visual effects when roll kicking or jumping. 

Character Specific

Bullet Kin

  • Chest Drops

The Megahand and the Heroine, two charge guns, were planned to be added to Bullet Kin's chest, but they couldn't get in due to time constraints.

Table Techs, such as Table Tech Rocket, were also considered to appear in chests, but were scrapped due to time constraints and Bullet-Kin already being a very complex character.

  • Moveset

For his up special, it was considered to use the Alien Engine or the Balloon Gun, but it was scrapped in favour of Bullat Wings.

For his Side Special, Bullet Kin was able to shoot forward. It was scrapped in favour of the aiming mechanic.


  • Paddle Aiming

Originally, CommanderVideo was able to aim his paddle in 3 directions (up, left and right), but he couldn't create beats out of it. The devs tried to make it shoot sideways, but it was too similar to Shovel Knight's Flare Rod. This feature was scrapped as it didn't fit CommanderVideo's kit.


  • Cauldron Breaking

Three sprites that have been found in the sprite sheet since patch show Diogenes's cauldron in what appears to be three different states of damage. According to the developers, the pot was originally intended to break upon receiving too much damage. It was scrapped as they didn't want to create a new fiction of what Diogenes has beneath the pot.


  • Moveset

Jack's neutral special was originally his Laser+Pollen ability, which spawned sword-like lasers constantly as the button was held and dealt multihit damage. This was scrapped for balancing purposes.


  • Moveset

Originally Lilac had a counter move for her neutral special, that being the Blink Dash. It was scrapped, as Trevor didn't like counter moves (as they "feel cheap/overly defensive"), but they kept the dash for her Side Special.

Shovel Knight

  • Shield Knight

Shield Knight-0.png

Shield Knight was planned to fight alongside Shovel Knight, making him similar to Smash Bros' Ice Climbers. However, she was scrapped, as it didn't work very well with the limited pre-Heavy Metal movesets.

  • Moveset

Originally, Shovel Knight's down special was planned to be a dive, similar to Blockman's or Bullet Kin's. It was scrapped in favour of Fishing Rod.


Yolk Intro Unused.png

  • Magic Touch Wizard

The Magic Touch Wizard was originally planned to be a part of Yolk's kit. Ultimately he was scrapped, but during development he featured in Yolk's intro, Up Special, and Super.


Nitrome stage

The Nitrome stage was announced on 11th October, 2017 during the video "Indie Pogo Kickstarter : The Grand Finale" by Trevor Lowe:[2]

"Rather than pick one fighter to represent all of the games, instead we're gonna create a stage that incorporates a ton of elements from the variety of Mobile and Flash games. Think of it as the Pokémon Stadium of Indie Pogo." ― Trevor Lowe

Eventually, this concept of incorporating Nitrome's games was reworked into Yolk and his moveset.



Removed due to the game's cancellation.

Super Dangerous Dungeons

Removed and replaced by the current version of the trophy.

Where the Moon Goes At Night

"I'm fine with deleting this statement if I'm asked to, but the primary reasons were actually:

1) I never really got around to making it, and I thought it'd be better if it was a trophy done by me since I created the game

2) For a while after the game released, I had a pretty negative opinion on the game personally, because it got fairly popular on various RPGMaker websites and I thought it didn't really deserve to get popular in the first place for some reason.

3) Beetle Ninja entered development whilst it was discussed, and I thought the characters and settings of that game were a lot stronger and more interesting. The exception of course, is space from Where the Moon Goes At Night which I personally feel is a really fun and unique setting, at least visually."

― Where the Moon Goes At Night's developer commenting on the inclusion of a trophy.

Removed for a variety of reasons, though primarily because another game by the same developer, "Beetle Ninja" is said to be a better fit for Indie Pogo. Confirmed to have been removed by the game's developer, who contributed the Kiki trophy to the game.

Beta Development

Very early mockup

Before the eventual PC / console development began, Indie Pogo was originally envisioned as a mobile game. This version of the game was also not a platform fighter, focusing instead on racing to collect the most coins. Tilting the phone would cause the character to move, while swiping and tapping the screen would be used for directional specials. However this plan was changed to PC / console due to mobile connectivity; Bluetooth hadn't developed enough to allow for the matches the game was intended for.

This concept, while created around 2012, showed the early intentions for the cameos to be featured in the game. Many of these are currently represented, planned to be or scrapped from the PC release, but also includes other characters such as Meat Boy, Alchemist (Savant), Rusty (SteamWorld), Gomez (Fez) and Lost Kid (Limbo). Many of these cameos were never pitched and only appear in mockups for testing purposes.



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