Sexy Hiker is an indie character owned by a Czech solo developer Jazzuo and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. He appears in the game Sexy Hiking and acts as Diogenes' Hard Mode Trophy.[1]

Trophy Quote

"Sexy Hiking is the precursor to Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. Much like Diogenes, the hiker must use a hammer to climb over a dead tree and onwards, which proves to be an uncompromisingly difficult task. It's a frustrating process, but that unyeilding frustration is essential to the act of climbing." ― Sexy Hiker's Trophy Description

Character Origin

As Getting Over It uses gameplay inspired by Sexy Hiking, the two are almost the exact same. Unlike Diogenes' game, there are four dedicated levels to complete, navigating cliffs and trees to reach the end of the level.[2]



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