The Shop is an ingame menu where the player can buy various things, try their luck with the Grand Gachamon or look at their trophies. It takes the form of a peaceful market village that comes from the game Samurai Blitz.

Gachapon Edit

The Grand Gachamon is a Gachapon machine that gives Trophies. The player can try their luck by offering up to twenty coins: the chance of acquiring a new trophy is displayed, with the more coins you pay per trophy increasing the chance of obtaining a new trophy.

Trophies Edit

Main article : Trophies

The player can view the trophies that they have acquired through arcade mode and the Gachapon, as well as the number of each trophy collected. The Trophy collection can be ordered in alphabetical order, order of which they were unlocked, or by franchise that the trophies originate from. Selecting a trophy allows the player to find more information about the character that the trophy depicts and allows the player to view the trophy itself.

Shop Edit

The Shop allows players to purchase playable characters, alternate skins for them, stages and taunts with coins for use in-game. By selecting the "Talk" option, players are also able to ask for advice, change the items for sale or input a 7 character long alphanumeric code.

List of items: Edit


Icon Fighter Price Shop Description
Zorbié 90 Coins BONJOUR! Zorbie iz hungry.
Velocispider 35 Coins Nobody messes with Velocispider's eggs!
Fishy 225 Coins A cigar that, strangely, remains lit underwater!
CommanderVideo 200 Coins An ordinary sweatband, once worn by an amazing runner.
Viridian 500 Coins Congratulations! You have found a Shiny Trinket!
Teslakid 225 Coins Punching foes with this glove charges them with magnetism!
Orcane 175 Coins A bottle full of ordinary water? No, there must be more than that.
Shovel Knight-shop
Shovel Knight 215 Coins A shovel blade that was once weilded by a legendary warrior.
Welltaro 325 Coins A curious pair of Gun Boots. Land on the ground to reload ammo.


Icon Stage Price Shop Description
Bouncy Castle-shop
Bouncy Castle 150 Coins Unlocks Fishy's home turf. The bouncy floor means no Grounded Charges are possible.
Polar Dimension-shop
Polar Dimension 250 Coins An interdimensional stage with spikes on the ceiling.
Retro Zone-shop
Retro Zone 40 Coins CommanderVideo's home turf. Watch the gaps between ledges!
Runbow Volcano-shop
Runbow Volcano 440 Coins Runbow: When the background color matches platforms, they are invisible & untouchable!
Spr phantom king mansion stage icon 0
Phantom King's Mansion 5000 Coins Phantom King's Mansion: A mansion full of candies, and even a few curses.


Shop Description: Attach this taunt to your player profile in the Options Office.

Icon Taunt Price
HA HA! 25 Coins
Duck 50 Coins
Troll 50 Coins
LOL 350 Coins
#REKT 500 Coins
Duck2 100 Coins
Duck3 100 Coins
GitGud 100 Coins


Icon Fighter Price Description
Zorbié 340 Coins New skin for Zorbie!
Stardrop 650 Coins New skin for Stardrop!
Jack 1400 Coins New skin for Jack!
Fishy 5000 Coins New skin for Fishy!
CommanderVideo 250 Coins New skin for CommanderVideo!
CommanderVideo 250 Coins
Viridian 25 Coins New skin for Viridian!
Viridian 25 Coins
Teslakid 6200 Coins New skin for Teslakid!
Lilac 7000 Coins New skin for Lilac!
Orcane 1200 Coins New skin for Orcane!
Orcane 4200 Coins
Shovel Knight 1200 Coins New skin for Shovel Knight!
Shovel Knight 7777 Coins
Welltaro 900 Coins New skin for Welltaro!

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, the shopkeeper charged you for 1 coin for advice, as well for refreshing the shop, but this time for 10 coins, as is it shown in the Indie Pogo Menus Update video.
  • The Shop and the Shopkeeper are both coming from the game Jack the Reaper. The Shop in itself retains several details.
  • Randy Ronin can be seen in the background of the market village. It's a reference to the fact that they are both from the same game, Samurai Blitz.
  • Polar Dimension and Runbow Volcano are the only stages which use a different icon on the stage select to the one used in the shop.
  • Before Patch, Lilac wasn't part of the starting roster and needed to be bought in the shop. Here are her former icon, price and description:
120 Coins These boots have seen some milage. Wear them and scream CYCLONE!
  • Later in Patch, her arcade homestage INK was also purchasable in the shop. Here are the former icon, price and description:
INK 325 Coins A stage where all Air Jumps and Parkour reveal it's layout!
  • In this same patch, the price of Haunted Mansion was drastically reduced. The initial 15,000 Coin asking price was reduced to 5000, no longer making it the most expensive shop item in the game.

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