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Sovereign Deck is a unlockable stage in Indie Pogo. It comes from the game Nefarious, made by StarBlade.[1]

Stage Origin

Nefarious is an action platformer where you globe hop between several kingdoms kidnapping princesses who alter gameplay in unique ways. Then thwart various heroes in reverse boss fights, recreated iconic battles where you control the boss. In Indie Pogo, this stage serves as Crow's stage in the arcade mode. It is unlocked by completing Arcade Mode in Hard with every character.


The Stage layout in Sovereign Deck features a high and lower deck, with a entrance to the ship on the lower deck. There is also a small part on the top of the ship on the right side you can fight on.


As this stage takes place on an airship, the wind constantly blows, pushing players and items towards the right.

Trophy Quote

"This luxurious airship is the primary means of transportation for Crow and his minions. Crow is known to skydive out when he arrives on scene for a mission. The Sovereign makes port at Bramble Flats, the barren wasteland where Crow's homebase empire is located." ― Sovereign Deck's Trophy Description



  • The Sovereign Deck trophy can only be earned by completing Crow's Challenge on Hard difficulty.
  • The Sovereign Deck's trophy description was originally identical to Crow's. This was changed with a later patch.


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