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Spicy Piggy is a character created by Thomas McCloskey and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. He comes from the mobile game of the same name and is an extension of the Nitrome games library.[1] He also acts as a part of Yolk's moveset.

Trophy Quote

"How many hot peppers is one too many? Spicy Piggy may just know the answer as his mouth is literally on fire from consuming too many. Which is lucky, because this allows him the ability to snort fire from his snout. He puts this ability to use as he runs to the nearest Cool-Aid stand to finally cool off among his friends." ― Spicy Piggy's Trophy Description

Character Origin

Spicy Piggy is a notably small, cartoony variant of a traditional pig, with its skin being a bright red instead of the normal pink. Another main difference is the character's ability, being able to shoot blasts of fire from his snout.

As part of Yolk

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Spicy Piggy also appears as Yolk's neutral special. When summoned, he shoots a fireball in front of him, which travels in an arc through the air, effected by gravity. When it touches the ground, it splits into 3 smaller fireballs that will disappear on contact. The move has a small amount of cooldown on it.