Strongman is a character owned by ZombiesaurusGames and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. He comes from the game Pocket Strongman 2: Strongerman.[1]

Trophy Quote

"Strongman has the distinct honor of hailing from not 1, but 2 Gameboy Jam games titled 'Pocket Strongman' and 'Strongerman'. His mission is difficult but simple: Rescue his buddies from the clutches of the nefarious Bird Bros by running and gunning into oblivion." ― Strongman's Trophy Description

Character Origin

Strongman originates from a Gamejolt game indicative of the Contra or Probotector series.[2] In bnoth of the Pocket Strongman adventures, he mows down creatures and enemies on a 2D plane while saving civilians and friends calling for help.[3]



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