ATTENTION: Paid DLC Supreme Skins currently available on Steam

Supreme Skins are special, non palette-swap costumes that are obtained through various events. These costumes are often based off special outfit a character can wear in their game of origin, another similar character, or brand new appearances altogether. From a gamedev perspective, additional costumes requires to create entirely new sprites, sounds, or particles.

Some Supreme Skins can be bought through paid DLC on Steam, to help support the team behind Indie Pogo.

List of free Supreme Skins Edit

Ornate Plate Edit

An armor Shovel Knight wears in Shovel Knight : Shovel of Hope. This skin adds shiny particles and can be bought in the Shop for 7777 coins. Released at launch.

Hanfu Lilac Edit

The Hanfu dress that Lilac wears in Freedom Planet 2. Released July 24th, 2018.

List of paid Supreme Skins Edit

Prisonbreak Zorbié Edit

"This is the Prisonbreak Zorbie skin, which reflects his appearance when he first exited incarceration. While it is purely cosmetic, enjoy hitting your foes with the naughty french convict!" ― Steam DLC Promotional blurb.
Zorbié with a prisoner outfit. The winner of the Zorb-Off, Munkee Haruka, got it for free on October 13th, 2018. Released October 15th, 2018 on Steam.

Skeleton Velocispider Edit

"This is the Skeleton Velocispider skin, which reflects the appearance Velocispider takes on when he loses all his HP in his original iOS title. While it is purely cosmetic, enjoy hitting your foes with this spooky skin just in time for Halloween!" ― Steam DLC Promotional blurb.
A skeleton variant of Velocispider resembling his death animation sprite. Released on October 30th, 2018 on Steam.

Frogtaro Edit

"Frogtaro skin as requested by our discord server! Get it now to jump like a frog and fight like a champ!" ― Steam DLC Promotional blurb.
The highly requested Frogtaro costume, first envisioned and sketched by user bedoop. Green Welltaro dons a frog hood, as does his ammo bar. Released on May 7th, 2019 on Steam.

Sunfire Stardrop Edit

"This is the Sunfire Stardrop skin, which turns our happy hero into a fiery ball of rage. While it is purely cosmetic, enjoy hitting your foes with fireballs instead of stars!" ― Steam DLC Promotional blurb.
Stardrop is covered in a scorching flame that carries on to his star powers, burning opponents with literal fire works. Released on May 7th, 2019 on Steam.

List of Kickstarter Exclusive Supreme Skins Edit

Golden Blockman Edit

A special, Kickstarter-exclusive skin for Blockman. Adds shiny particles and golden blocks. Released July 23th, 2018 to all backers who pledged high enough.

Money Stardrop Edit

A special, Kickstarter-exclusive skin for Stardrop. Green body, replaces their titular trail with a money trail. Released August 13th, 2018 to all backers who pledged high enough.

List of upcoming Supreme Skins Edit

Rainbow Stardrop Edit

Stardrop with an ever-changing colored body.

Lumina Edit

Lumina from World to the West as an additional costume for Teslakid.[1]

Wedding Octodad Edit

A costume Octodad wears in the intro sequence of Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

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Trivia Edit

  • Prisonbreak Zorbié was labeled as "Convict Zorbié" earlier in development, was later changed, but remained "Convict Zorbié" on the DLC section of Steam.

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