Tamako is a character owned by Studio Stobie and makes a cameo in Indie Pogo. She comes from the game Rising Dusk.[1]

Tamako is one of the only cameos to appear within the menus of the game, appearing in the shop area alongside Randy Ronin and Flappy Fighter.

Trophy Quote

"Tamako is a young girl who finds herself trapped in the shadowy realm of the Yokai. On her journey to return home, she must avoid the coins she finds. They weigh her down, preventing her from being nimble enough to make the journey out of the spectral realm." ― Tamako's Trophy Description

Character Origin

Tamako stars in the platformer Rising Dusk, whose main - and somewhat ironic - gimmick is being an "Anti-Coin Collecting" game. Her journey takes her to the world of the undead, where survival (and prizes) must be earned where the value of money is anything but good.


  • When she was announced as a trophy, the Twitter post did not include the coin[2]
  • Tamako is one of the few cameo's who animates both on Gachapon collection and in the Trophy gallery



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