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Teslakid is a character owned by Rain Games and is an unlockable fighter. He appears in the game Teslagrad.[1]

Character Origin

Teslakid is a Teslamancer's son who had to escape the King's army. In Teslagrad he obtains several items that helps him solve puzzles and fight bosses in the Tesla Tower.

Trophy Quote

"On a dark and stormy night, he was forced to flee from the Kingsguard of Elektropia. Upon reaching an imposing tower in the capital of Teslagrad, he began to unravel the now forgotten order of the Teslamancers, and of the King's gruesome reign." ― Teslakid's Trophy Description

"Along his journey ascending the tower, Teslakid found many tools used by the Teslamancers past. The Polarity Cloak allows him to magnetize an area around himself to attract or repel enemies and objects that have been charged. Blue attracts while red repels." ― Teslamancer Teslakid's Trophy Description.



10- Teslakid – Indie Pogo

Teslakid's moveset is based heavily around his ability to magnetize foes, and then move his enemies around. All of his moves magnetize enemies.


Side Melee : Teslakid thrusts his Teslastaff outwards, zapping anyone who touches it. Hits up to 6 times and deals 1 damage per hit.

Up Melee : Teslakid thrusts his Teslastaff up high, dealing 5 damage.

Down Melee : Teslakid swings his Teslastaff in an arc below him, dealing 5 damage.

Grounded Charge | Ball Lightning: Teslakid uses his Teslastaff to fire a Lightning Ball. This orb can be aimed, and stays out for a few seconds, shrinking in size and damage over time, dealing 1-5 damage depending on charge time. The size, damage and the duration of the orb become larger the longer the move is charged. Teslakid can attract any active orbs using Polarity Cloak.

Neutral Special | Polarity Cloak : Putting on his Polarity Cloak, Teslakid charges an aura of blue positive energy for as long as the button is held. Upon release, he emits a wave of red negative energy, dealing 2 damage to anyone in range. If an opponent is magnetized, Teslakid can use this attack to pull them towards him, and send them flying for 3 damage. He cannot pull in opponents in the middle of an attack animation, though. This move can also interact with his Ball Lightning projectiles, allowing Teslakid to have them orbit around him and be sent out at different angles.

Side/Up Special | Blink Boots : Teslakid blinks upwards, or horizontally using his Blink Boots, and then punches with his Magnet Glove in one of four different directions. This deals 6 damage and can be aimed by holding a direction. Any opponents caught in the path of the blink are stunned for a short time, opening a window for Teslakid to follow up with the punch. When aimed to the side, Teslakid vanishes for an extra 5 frames, allowing for mixups. Aiming downwards will leave Teslakid in about the position he was originally in. When aimed to the opposite direction Teslakid teleported from, there will be a slightly longer delay before the punch. Teslakid will also not drift as far in this state.

Down Special | Teslastaff : Teslakid points his Teslastaff straight down and fires a Red beam. This move lasts for as long as the button is held down. The beam deals 1 damage per hit, and if Teslakid touches the foe with the staff itself, it deals 5 damage and launches the foe a moderate difference. This move also slows his decent. If the button is pressed quickly enough, Teslakid will pull out the staff and not fire, as only the start and end animation for the move will trigger.

SUPER | Teslamancer's Might : Teslakid calls down 3 separate red lightning strikes. Once the lightning hits Teslakid, it lets out a small blast. The lightning does 8 damage while the blast does 7 damage.

Alternate Skin

Skin Name Description
Brown Teslakid's regular outfit (Base Skin).
Blue Possibly based off Lumina or Teri's color palette from World to the West.
Grey Possibly based off The King's color palette from Teslagrad.
Green and Purple Possibly based off Knaus' color palette from World to the West.
Dark Red Possibly based off Lord Clonington's color palette from World to the West.
Yellow Overalls and gloves resembling Wario from the Super Mario series.
Lumina (Alternate Costume) During the KickStarter, alternate costumes were mentioned and shown for various characters. One which was mentioned but not shown was a reworked Teslakid as Lumina from World to the West, acting as a female counterpart. It is still unknown if the Lumina alternate costume will be one skin or an alternate character who can use the other five palettes.

Competitive Play


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great Melees that come pretty fast, deal good damage and also have high knockback.
  • Magnetism: Has multuple ways to magnetize foes, and can use Neutral Special for combos but also as a reversal option.
  • Good Combos that deal lots of damage and grant Teslakid a decent amount of gems.
  • Slow and Predictable: Blink boots have high startup, which makes the slow and easily readable.
  • Magnetism Jank: The pull effect of Neutral Special, and the magnetized effect wears off at random.
  • Grounded Charge, while it is a useful projectile, at point blank it's negative on hit, which means you're instantly getting punished.

Techs and Strategies

"Tesla can be a very combo heavy character but is very weak from further ranges or stages with platforms. Try using his up aerial into his neutral air or the staff hit of his down air into his neutral air to not only mix up opponents but to do good damage" ― SaviourAzrael

"Some techskill notes for anyone playing Teslakid: double jump + neutral air gives you massive recovery height, absolutely essential if you're far offstage. Nair lets you cancel rollkick and fade back faster than any other option, and saves your double jump. You can use Nair fairly far from chargeball, then quickly release to have it pass through you. Rollkick can sometimes lead into the close hit of Dair, so take advantage of it if it does because that's a really good spike." ― ¿Query?

"Teslakid's unique magnetism abilities make him a force to be reckoned with. A safe way to initiate with Teslakid is to apply pressure with his projectile, tossing it around to land a hit on an enemy trying to close in on you. Once your enemy is magnetized, you're gonna want to play aggro and use his abilities to pull enemies into huge combo chains. Keeping your distance and maintaining your magnetism effect on an enemy to initiate is key to succeeding with Teslakid." ― Dead Line

Update History


  • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when Teslakid magnetized Crow.


  • Buff.png Blink Boots punch damage increased from 9 to 10.


  • Buff.png Ball Lightning damage increased from 3 to 5.


  • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug relating to interactions between Shovel Knight and Teslakid's Magnetism.


  • Nerf.png Teslamancer's Might no longer persists if Teslakid dies.


  • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that caused characters to become invisible after being pulled in by Polarity Cloak.


  • Grounded Charge | Ball Lightning
    • Nerf.png Damage and size now scale from 1 to 5 depending on charge time.
    • Nerf.png Projectile size and damage shrink slowly over time.
  • Neutral Special | Polarity Cloak
    • Buff.png Pressing down as Teslakid lands in this state now allows for a seamless transition into Grounded Charge.
    • Nerf.png Pull rate at outer reaches of attack range lowered.
    • Nerf.png Distance required to put magnetized victims into tumble state now scale according to victim’s HP (For example, a victim at 10HP will enter tumble state much earlier than a victim at 40HP when pulled in).
    • Nerf.png Teslakid can no longer pull in players that are in the middle of an attack animation.
    • Nerf.png No longer contributes to Pogo combos.
  • Side/Up Special | Blink Boots
    • New.png Tesla’s new Side Special is a horizontally oriented version of the Blink Boots ability. Punch speed and range reduced if angled in the opposite direction Teslakid teleported from.
    • Nerf.png Damage reduced from 10 to 6.
    • Nerf.png Stun hitbox no longer contributes to Pogo combos.


  • Grounded Charge | Ball Lightning
    • Nerf.png Added slight startup to the projectile launch.
  • Side / Up Special | Blink Boots
    • Nerf.png Added a small window of startup before Teslakid teleports.
  • SUPER | Teslamancer's Might
    • Nerf.png Reduced lightning strike damage from 10 to 8.
    • Nerf.png Reduced blast aura damage from 9 to 7.


  • General
    • Change Rework.png Adjusted hurtbox width.
  • Down Special | Teslastaff
    • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash if this move was used on Diogenes.


  • Grounded Charge | Ball Lightning
    • Bugfix.png Fixed a bug that prevented Teslakid from aiming this move properly.


  • Teslakid was the 10th character added to the game.[2]
  • Teslakid's Grounded Charge isn't a move he can actually do in Teslagrad. Instead, it is a move Lumina can perform in World to the West, another game by Rain Games. It is implied, however, that every Teslamancer can perform this move with their Teslastaff, if they have the proper upgrade.
    • Similarly, his Down Melee is a move Lumina can perform as well.
  • As Super Smash Bros. Ultimate boomed since Indie Pogo's release, the unreleased alternate Lumina costume has been considered by numerous players to be a potential equivalent of an Echo Fighter.[3]
  • Teslakid's name could be Magnus according to one of Rain Games' devs.[4]



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