Teslakid is a character owned by Rain Games and is an unlockable fighter. He appears in the game Teslagrad.

Trophy Quote

"On a dark and stormy night, he was forced to flee from the Kingsguard of Elektropia. Upon reaching an imposing tower in the capital of Teslagrad, he began to unravel the now forgotten order of the Teslamancers, and of the King's gruesome reign." ― Teslakid's Trophy Description

Character Description

Teslakid is a Teslamancer's son who had to escape the King's army. In Teslagrad he obtains several items that helps him solve puzzles and fight bosses in the Tesla Tower.


Teslakid's moveset is based heavily around his ability to magnetize foes, and then move his enemies around. All of his moves magnetize enemies.


Neutral Aerial: Putting on his Magnetic Cloak, Teslakid charges blue positive energy, dragging any energy balls or magnetized fighter towards Teslakid, then releases a burst of red energy, shooting his energy orbs and fighters with negative energy away from him. It deals 3 damage. The move can be charged by holding the button, while this makes Teslakid float and grants more horizontal air movement, it does not increase damage. Unlike most chargeable neutral airs, Teslakid keeps charging while bouncing and does not lose his charge until the button is released.

Up Aerial: Teslakid blinks using his Blink Boots, and then punches with his Magnet Glove in one of four different directions. This deals 9 damage and can be aimed by holding a direction. When aimed to the side, Teslakid vanishes for an extra 5 frames, allowing for mixups. Aiming downwards will leave Teslakid in about the position he was originally in.

Down Aerial: Teslakid points his Teslastaff straight down and fires a Red beam. This move lasts for as long as the button is held down. The beam deals 1 damage per hit, and if Teslakid touches the foe he is hitting with the down air, it does “5 extra damage” and launches the foe a moderate difference. This move also slows his decent. If the button is pressed quickly enough, Teslakid will pull out the staff and not fire, as only the start and end animation for the move will trigger.

Grounded Charge: Teslakid uses his Teslastaff to fire a small orb of electricity. The orb can be aimed, and stays out for a few seconds. it deals 3 damage per hit. The size and the duration of the orb become larger the longer the move is charged. All orbs of electricity can be affected by Teslakid's Neutral Aerial, regardless of charge time.

SUPER: Teslakid calls down 3 separate red lightning strikes. Once the lightning hits Telsakid, it let's out a small blast. The lightning does 10 damage while the blast does 9 damage.


"Put your strategy here!" ― Player Name


  • Teslakid was the 11th character added to the game.[1]
  • Teslakid's Grounded Charge isn't a move he can actually do in Teslagrad. Instead, it is a move Lumina can perform in World to the West, another game by Rain Games. It is implied, however, that every Teslamancer can perform this move with their Teslastaff.


Patch Changes

  • Game no longer crashes when Teslakid attacks Crow.

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